Carpe Culum

Carpe Culum

Jun 8

I mentioned my fic getting a hundred kudos to my family last night and it ended with my dad telling me all storytelling is worthless and pathetic unless it's a TV show HE likes and I went to bed sad. I read you had similar problems, how did you deal?



Honestly?  I don’t talk to him anymore.  Which isn’t exactly a solution if you live with him, and I’m really sorry.

All I can really tell you is this - just because he doesn’t like it doesn’t make it worthless or pathetic.  Everyone has different tastes and inclinations, and storytelling comes in all different shapes and forms.  He’s being arrogant and rude in telling you that it’s worthless unless it takes a form he likes.

I would advise you to not tell him about your achievements in the future.  All he’s going to do is tear you down, and you don’t need that kind of negativity.  Hitting a hundred kudos on your fic is a good thing, and I’m proud of you, lovely!  Tell me, or tell someone else you know will give you the proper reaction, next time something good happens.  

I know it hurts to have to hide things from your father, who’s supposed to be proud of you and support and encourage you, but we can’t always rely on those related to us to be so supportive.

Choose your own family.  Find people who will lift you up and encourage you, and tell them your accomplishments.  ((((HUGS))))  I’m sorry, lovely, I wish I could make him more accepting, but I can’t.  All I can tell you is to find people who will, and who’ll celebrate with you.

I remember the first time I told my Dad one of my fics had gotten to 10,000 hits.  I was crazy proud, over the moon with happiness.  The next words out of his mouth.  

“Now, imagine if you’d actually published a book, that could have been a couple of thousand sales.”  

I felt like I had whiplash.  It took me down from the highest of highs to a low so bad that I stopped writing for a while.  

What was the point in writing if I wasn’t getting paid for it?  Why did I tell these stories that would never get me recognition or money or notoriety?  What was the point?

What took me a lot of soul-searching, and why I still write as much as I do today?  Is find that answer. 

I write because it gives me joy.  I RP with friends because it gives me joy.  

I love, love making you all laugh, cry, blush, get flustered, giggle, squee with feels and then melt into a happy puddle of goo.  I get so much enjoyment out of those reactions, and to know that my fic touched you, in some way.  

So when someone tries to tear you down, or ask you why you do it, why you do something even when you aren’t getting paid, and maybe it stresses you out…

Ask yourself the question.  Why DO you do it?  

Your answer is all the justification you will ever need.