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  1. Uber wants to buy all of Tesla’s self-driving cars, rumours suggest

  2. Philae finally makes contact after two weeks of silence

  3. If your diet isn't working stop counting calories and spend more time sleeping

  4. There are FIFTY-FOUR countries and groups fighting ISIS

  5. Ditch the kale and try these five super-veggies this summer

  6. Over 280k people ask Google for the right to be forgotten

  7. Frenchman becomes the 1st person to cross the Channel in an electric-powered plane

  8. Scientists warn we could have a mini ICE AGE in 2020

  9. This could be the future of flying economy...and it looks horrifying

  10. The Greek finance minister’s signature has been causing a stir

  11. Pope Francis walks among 100s of prisoners during visit to Bolivia's most dangerous jail

  12. The sound of wind farms CAN make you ill

  13. Boko Haram releases first beheading video since pledging allegiance to ISIS

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    Pauly the cat was born with SIX legs–and is preparing to have 2 removed

  15. Father tells his 'suicidal' daughter to 'jump if you dare' as she leans out of a fourth-floor window

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    Kotex just put the idea of a Minions tampon in everyone's head

  17. Children as young as 6 are being sexualized as part of a new dance craze in Brazil

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    David Beckham posted the sweetest picture while celebrating Harper's 4th birthday

  19. McDonald's swears their Minions toys aren't swearing

  20. Russian farmer make a miraculous recovery after ramming a pitchfork into his BRAIN

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