Never mind about Andy and Tim, here's another great Brit (don't hold your breath)

Last updated at 23:10 13 June 2007

Another win, a giant leap towards the

top 100. Here we go, here we go, here

we go.

Erm, not really.

Alex Bogdanovic is the new Andrew

Murray, isn’t he?


But he is British?

He was born in Belgrade and moved to

London when he was eight. He could hit a

ball over the net, so we snapped him up.

With a name ending in ‘ic’ he might be

mistaken for one of those new Super

Serbs. Until you see him play.

Bit harsh, when this 6ft 1in

23-year-old has won

through two rounds at Queen’s and is on the

brink of the big


That hardly qualifies him

as the Lewis Hamilton of

the tennis world.

But wasn’t he going to be

the next big thing, before

the last big thing?

Yep. In 2002, LTA coach Tito

Vasquez called him "one of the

most talented players I have

seen anywhere in the world".

He added: "I think he will

make it into the world’s top

20, but a lot depends on how

things go for him. You don’t

know what happens in the

mind of a young guy. He could be distressed by family, friends or

management people. They can

make you dizzy."

So he got dizzy?

David Felgate, then director of

performance at the LTA, withdrew

his annual £80,000 funding in 2004

because "they felt that he was not

putting enough effort into his

career". Bogdanovic says: "I felt

pushed — they couldn’t

understand that I didn’t want to

play five hours of tennis a day."

So the general feeling is that he

has talent...

But does he have the killer instinct,

the character, the, er, (tennis) balls

when it counts?

Bogdanovic is on the brink of a

career-high surge into the

world’s top 100. And if he beats

Andy Roddick in the next round...

Then pigs will be seen circling


But he’s in good nick, he’ll enjoy

the spotlight and will handle the

pressure OK, right?

Not necessarily. When he was

thrust into the Davis Cup team, he

struggled. He admitted: "I probably

wasn’t ready. The pressure that

came afterwards was, wow,

unbelievable. I found that difficult

to cope with, and I didn’t get any

guidance or help. I was alone."

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