Monfils hot on Anelka

Last updated at 10:42 28 June 2007

Gael Monfils has backed Arsenal to fill Thierry Henry's boots with another Frenchman.

The 20-year-old tennis star, who comes from Henry's home city of Paris, said: "I have heard Nicolas Anelka may be coming to Arsenal to replace Thierry.

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Nicolas Anelka

"He is a top player and I think he would do a fantastic job.

"I don't know if Thierry did the right thing joining Barcelona but, when you get the chance to play with Ronaldinho, Lionel Messi and the rest, it is very difficult to turn down."

Safin: It's pasta joke

Marat Safin may be famous for complaining about having to play a Grand Slam on grass, but this year there is new target for his ire.

The Russian has hit out at the price and quality of the food served to the players, saying: "The spaghetti is ridiculously expensive at Wimbledon and it is not even any good."

Safin's moaning will disappoint the All England Club, who have stepped up efforts to improve catering standards.

A new chef has been appointed to the players' restaurant and particular attention has been paid to pasta as it's the most popular dish.

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