Baby gorilla fights for life in hospital incubator

Last updated at 12:36 03 July 2007

Doctors are fighting for the life of a baby gorilla in intensive care at a children's clinic in Muenster, Germany.

Just like a sick child, Mary Zwo was rushed from a local zoo to the hospital after being abandoned by its mother.

The gorilla, who was in acute danger because of hypothermia and lack of sugar, was wrapped in nappies and doctors attached a drip to inject milk and life-saving medicaments.

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baby gorilla

baby gorilla

Other cables attached to the gorilla's little body keep a watch on the heart beat, the pulse, temperature and the function of the lungs.

"Gorillas have a 98 per cent resemblance to humans and the children's clinic is the right place for Mary Zwo," said zoo boss Joerg Adler.

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baby gorilla

"We will have to rear her on a bottle because she can't return to her mother."

Dr Eric Harms, head of the intensive care unit said: "We are happy to treat Mary Zwo, just like any other little patient."

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