Celebrity snippets: Spice Girls Special

Last updated at 16:58 02 July 2007

Celebrity snipper to the stars BEN GIBBS of the Ginger Group gives his expert opinion on the mane events in the celebrity world. This week, haven't those Spice Girls changed:


Mrs Beckham has been quaffed to within an inch of her life with this style. I'm sure it's meant to look relaxed and tousled but in reality every hair has been masterfully sculpted, including that ridiculous fringe draping irritatingly over her face.

Her natural chocolate hair colour suits her skin tone much better than this peroxide blonde, which clashes with her too-orange tan. Victoria should stop trying to look edgy and return to a softer, more feminine style.


Hmm, it seems poor old Geri not only got left out of the 'What shall we wear for the photo-call?' chat with the other girls, (standing out in her mumsy boho dress), she's also opted for a mass of voluminous curls where the others all look reasonably well-groomed.

Her hair looks pretty and feminine, but Geri definitely looks her best with it sleek, straight and glossy with warm copper tones. However, having said that, this style (in fact any style) is a vast improvement on the ginger and blonde tiger stripes she sported first time round.


Emma Bunton might be about to embark on motherhood but she hasn't really changed her hairstyle since the Spice Girls stormed into the charts back in 1996, although thankfully she's dumped those ghastly pigtails.

This blow-dry probably started off looking fantastic but has lost most of its shape and bounce. I'd cut in a long, heavy side fringe, softening the exposed forehead. She needs to say goodbye to Baby and hello Sexy Mum-to-be.


Mel B's signature crazy Afro very much suited her original persona in the band, but this ultra-straight, wig-like look is so unnatural it has stripped her of much of her character. Time to bring back the big hair and put in some cappuccino highlights to add more body.


Now this is a pleasant surprise! Mel C's style is sophisticated and stylish. Gone is the chavvy high ponytail. The warm brown tones suit her skin colour and the fringe frames her face perfectly. This is the best we've seen her. Perhaps she would be good enough to lend her stylist to the other girls.

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