Britain under lockdown as further attacks are 'imminent'


Last updated at 08:57 03 July 2007

Britain is under lockdown as the terror warning level remains at critical – meaning another attack could be imminent.

Extra security is in place at airports,

train stations, on the Tube, at major sporting

events and shopping centres in the wake of

the incidents in London and Glasgow.

Travellers are having to endure long

delays as the holiday season begins, with

airport security staff frisking every passenger

and checking collars and jacket linings.

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The stepped-up measures are in addition

to those introduced last year, which require

flyers to remove their shoes for security

checks and restrict the amount of liquid

which can be carried in hand luggage.

All baggage is still going through X-ray

scanners, but many items are also being

checked by hand as well.

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armed police stansted

airport security

One of the most controversial measures is

the use of ethnic profiling to target "high-risk" passengers – predominantly young Asian men and women – for more in-depth

searches and interviews.

Facial recognition cameras are also being

used to identify known suspects.

Cars have been banned from approaching

airport terminals to drop off passengers, ameasure which is likely to remain in place for the forseeable future.

Vehicles are instead being diverted to

short-term car parks and travellers are

advised to use public transport instead.

But many have ignored the warning, causing

long delays at some airports as the car parks quickly filled up. At Manchester airport yesterday, some people had to queue

for 45 minutes.

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airport travel chaos

security airports

Chef Helen Shaw, 38, who was flying back

to Corfu where she runs a restaurant, said: "It's put us 45 minutes behind and we needed to hire a car while we're here.

"I know they need the extra security but

there should be more organisation. It's just

chaos down there."

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heathrow stansted split

London City Airport

london city airport

At John Lennon Airport in Liverpool,

officials used empty luggage trailers

as a makeshift vehicle barrier until concrete blocks could be installed.

Heightened security at train and Tube

stations included high-profile patrols and

random searches of the public.

Visitors and players arriving at Wimbledon

had their bags, clothing and tennis racket

holders checked, causing long queues.

Major shopping centres such as Bluewater

in Kent and Brent Cross in North-West London

also have a higher police presence.

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