How Catherine Zeta-Jones's face has changed over the years... for the better

Last updated at 22:56 05 October 2007

As parenthood, a career and the years take their toll, few of us expect to keep our fresh teenage looks.

But unlike the rest of us, Catherine Zeta-Jones actually appears to have improved with age.

As the guest of honour at the upmarket jeweller Di Modolo Boutique in New York, the Welsh actress demonstrates a polished perfection far removed from the gauche style of her early forays into theatre.

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Catherine Zeta-Jones: In 1987 and 2007

Gone is the bouffant hairstyle of the 18-year-old-given a leading role in the West End musical 42nd Street.

In its place lie shimmering locks. And the teenager's gappy teeth seem transformed into a gleaming Hollywood Smile.

The mother of two, who married Michael Douglas, 63, in 2000, has also banished the mole above her top lip.

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Catherine Zeta-Jones graph

Clever make-up may explain its disappearance - but in LA, where she lives, laser treatment is commonplace.

Miss Zeta Jones, 38, denies plastic surgery.

But, whatever her secret, long gone are the home perm and braces of her schooldays.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

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