Danielle Lloyd shows off her hairy pits

Last updated at 18:13 05 October 2007

Shamed Celebrity Big Brother star Danielle Lloyd says she "felt like a man" after being forced to venture out in public with hairy armpits as part of a TV documentary.

Danielle had hair glued to her under-arm area during an appearance in Channel 5's My Body Hell to test the public's view on female body hair.

The 24-hour experiment proved to be quite an ordeal for the 23-year-old whose ex-boyfriend's include Teddy Sheringham and Lewis Hamilton.

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Dan Lloyd

"Usually I'm conscious of a little bit of stubble but I had to contend with fully grown hair." Said the model.

"This is one of the scariest things I've done. I'm sure the press will have a field day, but if Julia Roberts can do it then so can I."

Danielle's new look attracted a lot of attention when she visited the gym.

"Normally we like girls all shaved and nice but she looked like a big man so for me it was scary," an unimpressed trainer told the TV crew.

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Dan Lloyd

"I just felt so ashamed," The former Miss Great Britain admitted after her session.

"It was worse than I could possibly think. I just want to go home and shave it all off."

After the gym visit Danielle headed for a night out on the town in London's West End before retreating home to remove the hair.

"It's been so embarrassing." She said of the experience.

"I'm going to remember this day for the rest of my life. I never want to see a hair under my armpit again."

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Dan Lloyd

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