Xtreme fashion video shoot

Last updated at 20:49 05 October 2007

Two worlds in which Britain excels: men's style and adventure sports verging on the insane. See where we're going with this..?

Joss Ash

The 2006 English national surf champion and current face of Braun is no stranger to fashion shoots.

'They put me in hot pants on my first day,' says the 25-year-old. 'After that, surfing in a soaking Marks & Spencer suit was a doddle. It was like

a straitjacket in the water but

I was pleasantly surprised

by how well it was made.'

Black Autograph suit jacket, £80, trousers, £49 tie £15

marksandspencer.com. Shirt £45 tedbaker.com

Jonty Green

The 2006 British cable wakeboard champ almost didn't make it to our photo shoot – the previous day he'd been dragged along by his neck at 20mph during training.

'I was lucky not to break my neck,' he admits. He had no problems modelling the suit but wasn't sure he'd keep it.

'I'm a T-shirt and trainers sort of guy,' he says.

Suit jacket,£130, and trousers, £70, french


Shirt, £85, aquascutum.co.uk.

Simon Carter tie, £45, simoncarter.net

Sebastian Keep

BMX rider Sebastian, 'Biggest Air' winner at the 2005 Backyard Jam, spurned bicycle clips for this stunt.

'And I didn't tear the trousers,' he says. 'In fact, it was one of the few suits I've worn that felt good.'

Keep's own clothing line, Roundabout, majors on T-shirts and hoodies.

Would he ever add suits?

'Interesting idea,' he laughs.

'Turning up to the skatepark in a suit, you'd certainly stand out.'

Linea suit jacket, £139, trousers, £59, and tie, £35.

All houseoffraser.com. Shirt, £29, zara.com

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Johno Verity

Wearing a Paul Smith suit on the slopes is no big deal for snowboarder Verity.

He often wears a whistle when he rides.

'I love wearing them – actually I've got quite a few,' says the Chamonix-based 2003 British Big Air champion.

'I've even worn them in competitions.

'My girlfriend works in the City and everyone wears suits there.

'But they all look so miserable.

'I always have a big smile when I ride in mine.'

Paul Smith suit, £400.

Linea shirt, £35. Linea tie, £15.

All from houseoffraser.com

Tim Emmett

Climber and BASE jumper Emmett is an action all-rounder.

'Combining different sports is one way to keep life interesting,' he says.

'It's difficult climb followed by a BASE jump makes it more attractive to sponsors.'

Bristol-born Emmett has shepherded Julia Bradbury up a stack in BBC2's Ultimate Rock Climb.

He's also raced Jeremy Clarkson up a mountain in France.

'You can't be a pro athlete forever,' he says.

'I try to fit in as much as I can.'

Suit, £300, and shirt, £90, tedbaker.com.

Tie, £15, johnlewis.com


Urban freerunner Kerbie's athletic skills have brought him movie credits

on Casino Royale and 28 Weeks Later, but he has never before leapt off a bridge in an Aquascutum suit.

'I like to dress fairly anonymously, for obvious reasons,' explains the 20-year-old from Surrey.

'But I attracted a lot of attention that day.

'One minute I blended in with the other City people, the next

I was drawing a crowd bouncing off walls.'

Despite the suit being too restrictive for back flips, Kerbie was inspired to buy one the next day.

'I like to look fresh when I'm going clubbing.

'Wearing that suit made me realise how cool it could be,' he says.

Suit jacket, £495, trousers, £195, and shirt, £85, aquascutum.co.uk.

Simon Carter tie, £45, simoncarter.net

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