Tamara Ecclestone admits dad Bernie checks her credit card bills, despite being a multi-millionaire

Last updated at 18:00 05 October 2007

Estimated to be worth more than a billion pounds, you might think money would be the last of Bernie Ecclestone's worries.

But the Grand Prix supremo's daughter Tamara has revealed that for Bernie every penny counts.

Speaking in an interview with a glossy Italian women's magazine, glamorous Tamara, 23, admitted her father checks all her shopping receipts and credit card bills to make sure she doesn't overspend.

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Tamara Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone

Besides his frugalness she also admitted she had failed her driving test first time, espite spending all her life surrounded by cars.

The stunning TV presenter, who is dating Gavin Dein, son of the former Arsenal chairman, said: "We can't spend what we want. My father doesn't want my sister Petra and I to throw away money.

"Obviously we can go shopping but not every day and not buying everything we want.

"Sometimes he might say 'Another manicure?' He even looks at our mobiles.

"He believes that this way we will have a better understanding of what we have and if he thinks we have spent too much then he reduces our money the following month."

Tamara, who lives in Chelsea, west London, added: "My father comes from a very modest family. This explains his great determination and hunger for success. He's worked hard his life.

"Now he does it not for the money but because he likes it. He wants us to have a sense if money."

She also described her life working as a fashion shop assistant and recalled:"It was really tough. The days were unbearable and I had to wear high heels - I hate them, they hurt my feet.

"I like fashion but the customers treated me badly, they were rude, shouting, throwing clothes on the floor they didn't like and they never said thank you.

"It was shocking because I am always so polite to people."

In the interview with the latest issue of Italian Grazia magazine, Tamara also described how she worked at her father's motor racing magazine, which was also an eye opener for her.

Speaking about her colleagues she said: "They couldn't take it out on my father because he was the boss so they took it out on me - they made me make the coffee, tea, toast.

"They made me do the humiliating jobs but it was an experience."

Then recalling her failed driving test she said: "I was so upset that I cried but I had the time to do it again."

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