Russell Brand gets a cheeky flash and an on-air kiss from the Loose Women

Last updated at 18:08 07 December 2007

Raucous comedian Russell Brand made a surprise appearance on Loose Women today - and was shocked when host Denise Welch gave him a flashed of her ample chest.

The funny man made the surprise visit to the show to shock Carol McGiffin, 47, who had been involved in a playful row with Russell after he said she would pay him to sleep with her.

She thought she had missed out on a chance to bed Brand when she discovered the sex addict had taken a vow of celibacy after receiving treatment in a rehab centre in America.

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Russell Brand on Loose Women

Denise Walsh on Loose Women

But she was left lost for words when he appeared on the show for a Christmas kiss.

Russell, 32, said: "I came here to discuss the price."

He then moaned: "I've been misled - the show is called Loose Women but so far no one has done anything loose."

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Russell Brand on Loose Women

Russell Brand on Loose Women

Following which, to the delight of Russell, Denise, 49, lifted her top to reveal her flesh-coloured bra.

A happy Russell said: "I'm really glad I came. I've seen someone's boobs."

He said he was a fan of the ITV show and joked: "I sit watching Carol fondling myself rehearsing this moment in my dreams."

And she replied: "It's absolutely unbelievable. Thank you. I'm having a serious hot flush."

Carol, once married to comic Chris Evans but now single, refused to lift her shirt, turning down the requests of Russell, who has claimed to have taken a vow of celibacy.

She said: "He's given up now and I haven't had my turn yet."

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