Hatton v Mayweather: what the experts say

Last updated at 15:06 07 December 2007


Joe Calzaghe World super middleweight champion

"Floyd Mayweather is talking a good game but he needs to go out and prove it. Ricky's very strong, a great body puncher, he's got a big heart and comes forward relentlessly. If he steams into him, then Ricky can win."

Bernard Hopkins Former world middleweight champion

"I see something in Hatton, I think he's the more focused fighter. The busier, more aggressive fighter will win. Floyd is considered to be the best fighter in the world, and I echo that. But can he still fight like a hungry man?"

Lennox Lewis Former world heavyweight champion

"Ricky's got to go in there like a madman and, no doubt, he must go for an early win. Hatton has to rough him up, get Floyd up against the ropes and not give him room. Maybe then he can do it."

Jim Watt Former world lightweight champion

"When the fight was first made, I thought Ricky was a huge underdog. Seeing him this week has changed my opinion. I believe Ricky will have too much for Mayweather and will win on points."

Floyd Mayweather and Ricky Hatton


Barry McGuigan Former world featherweight champion

"Ricky will have to have the fight of his life. He's fighting in the States where they favour a USA win so if it goes to points, Floyd takes it. I just hope referee Joe Cortez allows him to get inside, his best tactic. Mayweather has such brilliant hand speed and I think he'll be just too quick. I'm worried he'll pickpocket the fight."

Kostya Tszyu Beaten by Hatton in 2005

"If Floyd controls the fight, as I did against Ricky in the middle rounds of our match, he has a good chance of winning. Even in close, Mayweather can control the action. He can make Hatton miss and then counter him with his fast hands."

Emmanuel Steward World-renowned trainer

"You have to go with Mayweather. Regardless of what some people may think, he's a fantastic fighter. He may talk and all that, but he's still a phenomenal fighter. Based on his talent and skill, I'm going with Floyd."

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