Camilla inspired my cross-dressing role, Rupert admits

Last updated at 09:58 07 December 2007

Unexpected glamour comes from Rupert Everett as headmistress Miss Fritton, whom he apparently based on Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

"I thought Camilla, what a girl, she's fantastic. I love her," says the star of My Best Friends Wedding.

"She's got a sense of humour, and she likes a drink and a cigarette - she's my kind of girl.

"She's a marvellous woman, she strides around, she works in the garden and she goes out to parties. She wears nice hats and dresses, she has wonky teeth.

The 48-year-old actor also said he was inspired by his family.

"Miss Fritton is also rather like my mother," he said.

"She's an upper class woman, one of the kind of empire-ruling women of my parents' generation, who I find very amusing and feel affection for."

The movie, which has just finished filming at the revamped Ealing Studios, stars Rupert Everett as both Trinian's headmistress and her incompetent brother Carnaby.

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