TV chef John Burton Race gets voted off I'm a Celebrity

Last updated at 09:12 26 November 2007

John Burton Race was the fourth contestant to be voted off I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

The TV chef and star of Britain's Best Dish, admitted he would have liked to have stayed a bit longer but said it was a "great" experience and he was grateful in the jungle.

John, 50, said it was the most memorable time he's ever had and was much harder than he thought.

When asked what he enjoyed most about being in the jungle, he said having some solitude and peace.

This may surprise some viewers, who saw he had some conflicts with PR guru Lynne Franks who was the third contestant to be voted off. John admitted they did not hit it off, finding her "completely objectionable" and saying she was "lazy."

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John Burton Race

But he said they reached an understanding and made peace before her departure.

John also said he was fond of Janice Dickinson, noting she was "bonkers" and a "complete mental case" but she had "a big heart."

The 70s supermodel has been outspoken throughout the series and says her motto is to "tell it like it is".

On the merits of jungle food, John said he had never cooked kangaroo or camel sausages before. He said Cerys Matthews will now replace him as the group's cook.

When asked who he would like to be crowned King or Queen of the jungle, John said Jason 'J' Brown.

Earlier, John and J won six meals for camp after taking part in the Dreadful Drop Bushtucker Trial.

During the trial, the pair had to climb into a wooden crate on a high-wire over a lake containing three floating stars. Inside the crate was a hand crank which moved the crate across the wire.

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John and J in trial

I'm a Celebrity trial

The pair had to guess how far along they were and then release the bottom of the crate so that they fell out into the lake.

The aim was to fall through the centre of the stars. The first large star won them one meal, the second slightly smaller star would win them two meals and the third and smallest star would win them three meals.

John and J had three turns in the crate to get as many meals as possible.

The first time the pair went across the lake they counted the amount of times they had turned the hand crank. As Ant and Dec asked them where they thought they were, they were exactly above the first and second star when they thought they were. But the pair continued to try to get to the third star and they were successful.

In their second attempt, the pair managed to fall in the third star again, meaning they had six meals for camp.

But on their third try, they were too far into the lake and did not get any meals.

John Burton Race

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