Sex talks to raise Australian miner productivity by making them 'happy and productive'

Last updated at 15:45 25 October 2007

Australian coal miners are being taught to explore their wives and understand menopause in order to have a healthy sex life, which in turn will make them happy, productive workers.

The "Toolbox Talks" at the Bulga coal mine in the Hunter Valley, north of Sydney, have been such a success that the Xstrata mining company is considering running them at other mines.

"The Toolbox Talks are a series of health briefings ... addressing issues such as fatigue, prostate cancer, nutrition, heart disease and this month we are addressing the issue of menopause," said Xstrata spokesman James Rickards.

"Even though it is a predominately male working environment we have to look at the lifestyles of our employees, making sure they are fit and healthy at work, but also fit, healthy and happy at home," Rickards told Reuters on Thursday.

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Bulga's miners are aged mainly from late 40s to 50s and menopause may be affecting their wives, sisters and friends, said Rickards.

"The health briefings provide them with information on how to help and assist their loved ones who may be going through this or approaching this period of their life," he said.

Mine management believe a miner with a good relationship and healthy sex life will be more productive at the coal face.

"If you have a healthy home life you will have a happy work life and sex is an important part of any relationship, and its important to address sex for an individual that is going through menopause," said Rickards.

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