Jol: Spurs practice set-pieces more than any other club

Last updated at 10:16 25 October 2007

Martin Jol has hit back at criticism he does not do work enough with his dodgy defenders on the training pitch.

Tottenham have conceded 21 goals in ten Premier League matches already this season - more than the combined tallies of the top four sides in the division.

Paul Robinson

Setanta Sports pundit and former Spurs skipper Tim Sherwood pointed the finger at woeful defending after Tottenham's 3-1 defeat at Newcastle on Monday.

He said: "I feel sorry for Jol but not if he hasn't taken time on the training field and not worked with them. I don't think he has.

"It's quite obvious Sam Allardyce has Newcastle on the training ground, drilling them. It happens that you concede now and again but not every time. I feel sorry for whoever is in goal for Tottenham as you're going to concede goals and I'm not trying to cover up for the mistakes Paul Robinson has made in the past but you need defences in front of you.

"They do great stuff at times, Kaboul has a good frame and looks the part, he looks like he can play but he doesn't enjoy the ugly side of it. I played with Linvoy Primus at Portsmouth, someone they need. He's not a great star but he would come in, play every game and head balls into the crowd and kick the ball into Row Z.

"He keeps clean sheets and would solidify things. Spurs are not marking anyone, they're not marking space and not marking men. I want to come here and say well done Tottenham, you've defended well today and turned the corner. Unfortunately it's not happening at the moment."

But Jol responded when he said: "I do more on the training pitch on set-plays than at any other club because we've got to. Still, it's about physical presence and mental toughness.

"That was a total misjudgement. Paul Robinson was in the studio and told him as well, he was there and told him we were working on that."

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