Karen to lay down the law


Last updated at 18:50 02 February 2008

Rugby League may be a

man's game but the RFL

have brought in a woman

to deal with the bad boys.

Karen Moorhouse, a

28-year-old solicitor, has

left the Football

Association to become the

RFL's full-time compliance

manager, chairing the

weekly video review panel

then representing it at any

disciplinary hearings.

Karen has already got

her teeth into an allegation

of 'biting' in a pre-season

friendly between Widnes

and Wigan but ruled there

was insufficient evidence

to bring a case against

Eamonn O'Carroll.

The Wigan forward could

have started the new

engage Super League

season with a three-match

ban if she had felt he

merited a charge of

'behaviour contrary to the

spirit of the game' after

being put on report by

referee Gareth Hewer.

But, no doubt, Karen will

not be so lenient in other

instances now the season

is up and running in World

Cup year.

The RFL have outlined a

new scale of penalties to

clarify the way they

resolve disciplinary


Stuart Cummings, RFL

match officials director,

says: "We want to be more

consistent and predictable."

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