Foxy Knoxy lawyer says DNA evidence will clear her of Meredith murder

Last updated at 18:20 02 February 2008

The family of the American student suspected of murdering her British flatmate, Meredith Kercher, have claimed to have DNA evidence which will clear her.

Italian investigators claim that "Foxy Knoxy" - as 20-year-old Amanda Knox suggestively nicknamed herself - helped subdue Meredith during a fatal sexual assault involving her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito in Perugia in November.

They say the 21-year-old student was raped before she was stabbed three times in the neck with an 8in kitchen knife, on which they found both Meredith's and Amanda's DNA.

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But former New York prosecutor Joe Tacopina, who has investigated the case for Amanda's family, said on respected American TV show 20/20 last night that Knox's DNA was there because she cooked in the flat.

He also claimed that evidence from the Rome crime laboratory showed "only a 20 per cent chance" it was Meredith's DNA on the knife, adding: "To me, that says one thing about this knife: that's not the murder weapon."

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