Pensioner, 84, left injured by hit-and-run driver on mobility scooter

Last updated at 23:29 03 February 2008

A widow of 84 suffered a broken leg and wrist after being knocked down by a hit and run driver on an 8mph mobility scooter.

Former Land Girl Audrey Lane was waiting to cross a road when she was struck by the vehicle on a pavement.

The driver called out, "I can't stop - I'm busy", before trundling away on the battery-powered buggy, leaving her lying injured in the road.

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Police said that although the incident happened on the pavement it is covered by a 2006 amendment to the Road Traffic Act, meaning the driver could face charges of failing to stop, failing to report an accident and careless driving.

A file is being prepared for the Crown Prosecution Service.

The driver walked into a police station to report the accident three days after it happened.

Mrs Lane's son Daniel, 59, said yesterday that she had "lost her independence" because of her injuries.

"It's going to be at least six weeks of pain and not being able to move until the plaster comes off," he said.

"She likes to do things for herself, such as gardening and decorating, and gets very frustrated when she can't."

Mrs Lane, of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, was taken to the town's hospital after the accident.

Later, she was transferred to Cheltenham General Hospital to have her wrist set.

She also has her leg in a cast and is still recovering in hospital.

Police yesterday confirmed a 53-year-old local man had walked into Tewkesbury police station on Saturday and admitted he was the driver.

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