Never smile at a crocodile

By Richard Shears, Daily Mail

Last updated at 09:33 06 March 2008

Israeli backpacker points at crocodile in Australia

Novon Mashiah waves fish bait at the croc. Scroll down to see what happened next...

It should be an obvious rule - don't try to have your picture taken with a crocodile by waving fish bait at it.

As this startled tourist discovered, it won't work. And it annoys the crocodile.

The 12ft beast launched itself

from the aptly named South Alligator River in Northern Territory, Australia, and tried to dine on Israeli backpacker Novon Mashiah.

Mr Mashiah, 27, just managed to in Sydney jump clear on his small fishing boat - as these pictures taken by a friend in another boat show - and escaped with nothing more than a case of severe embarrassment.

Crocodile attacks Israeli backpacker a boat in Australia

Mr Mashiah leaps away as the hungry croc ignores the camera and goes for the fish bait...

'I saw this crocodile and thought I'd tease it a bit with a small piece of bait, just to get it in quite close to me for the picture,' he said. 'I was playing around, pointing at it, laughing - when it suddenly jumped up at me. I didn't realise crocs were so aggressive.'


His antics drew a typically forthright response from Australians writing to the local paper. One said: 'What the bloody hell did you expect? That the croc would jump up, put his arm around your neck and smile for the camera?'

Another wrote: 'What a dimwit. Considering you still have both hands, use one of them to slap yourself!'

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