As he prepares for snooker's World Championship final, Ronnie O'Sullivan admits: I may still quit


Last updated at 09:48 04 May 2008

Ronnie O'Sullivan still

insists he will walk away from

snooker if he stops enjoying the


O'Sullivan goes into today's

World Championship final the

hot favourite to win a third title,

after his 17-6 demolition of

seven-time champion Stephen


But The Rocket revealed there

were times when he felt ill and

depressed and 'fell out of love

with the game' when struggling

to produce his best form.

Ronnie OSullivan

In brilliant form: Ronnie O'Sullivan

After winning his semi with a

session to spare, O'Sullivan

typically decided to don his

running shoes on an unexpected

day off yesterday, the love of

another sport helping him to

come to terms with life in


'How I am playing this game

still, I don't know, because there

have been days where I have

felt so ill, so depressed, just

because of the game,' said the

32-year-old, who claimed earlier

in the tournament that running

was his No 1 sport.

'I fell out of love with it

because there was a time I

wasn't able to produce the shots,

even in practice. It just got so

frustrating. I could not pot a ball

and I thought I might as well go

and do something that I enjoy.

'I found running and it has

become my No 1 thing. I still

love snooker but I just won't

allow it to get to me like it got to

me in the past. I have to have

that option in my mind that I can

walk away from it because, if I

don't get the enjoyment, I still

will walk away.'

Ali Carter

Fame game: Ali Carter gets down to his semi-final

O'Sullivan has been back to his

brilliant best at this season's

£1 million,

tournament in Sheffield, most

notably with a memorable, maximum

147-break against Mark

Williams in the second round.

'It's been so tough for me over

the last few years,' added

O'Sullivan, who is guaranteed to

start next season as the new

world No 1, whatever the result.

'It's only been this year that I've

worked on a couple of things

and I've felt confident hitting

the ball. There've been times

where I've felt so “unconfident”.

'There were a lot of times

when I never got any satisfaction

out of winning, but you

never give up hope of winning

more world titles.

'I used to feel that I could

dominate games even if people

played well, whereas I've had to

struggle for quite long periods

of time, which dents your confidence.

At times I didn't know

how I was going to play from

one day to the next.'

O'Sullivan expects a tough test

in the final from either Joe

Perry or Ali Carter, who were

locked at 12-12 with a session to

play. 'It would be foolish to take

anything for granted,' he said.

'But I've been consistent all season

and coming here I felt as

though I could do something.

'But you still have to get in

there and battle through

matches. There have been times

at this tournament when it's

been hard and things haven't

gone my way. You can dig your

own grave sometimes but I

haven't done that, so it's great to

be in the final.'

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