On the hunt for a good egg: Shops report 20% rise in demand for ethical Easter treats

Last updated at 10:14 20 March 2008

Sales of ethical Easter eggs are

booming this year as consumers

turn to organic and fair trade


“Eco eggs” are selling in record

numbers, say retailers who

expect to shift a total of nine

million in the capital.

Sales of those made from

ethically-sourced chocolate are

said to be up by as much as a

fifth compared with last year.

A Woolworths spokesman said:

“We sell Green & Black's organic

and fair trade eggs and they are

selling really well, up over 20 per

cent year-on-year.”

A spokesman for Waitrose said:

“This is the first time we have

sold own-label organic Easter

eggs and sales so far have been


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"We are also stocking own label

single origin Easter eggs

for the first time.”

Independent shops report growing

enthusiasm for sustainable

Easter eggs.

L'Artisan du Chocolat

in Chelsea uses cocoa beans

sourced from small farms.

“This is good for the flavour

and for the growers,” said a


“We also use

British milk and other local ingredients

so they don't have to travel

halfway round the world.”

Consumer pressure has led

many producers to reduce their


Marks & Spencer has

cut the wrapping on its organic

Easter eggs by 75 per cent.


and Green & Black's use recycled

cardboard and Mars has cut

its plastic by 10 per cent.

A spokeswoman for wastereduction

organisation Wrap

said: “The work the brands and

retailers are doing in terms of

their Easter egg packaging is a

great step forward in significantly

reducing the amount of

packaging sent to landfill and

helping to tackle climate change.”

● A website is offering to help

people who over-indulge with

chocolate at Easter by calculating

how to offset the calories with

exercise and healthy eating. Visit


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