Wheelclamper puts dampener on Jordan and Peter's wild night out

Last updated at 00:45 24 March 2008

A night out at an Essex nightclub turned sour for Katie Price and husband Peter Andre when they returned to their car to find it had been clamped.

The unamused couple were forced to pay an on the spot fine to remove it so that they could drive home.

Katie - otherwise know as Jordan - and Peter had been partying at Faces nightclub where singer Peter had earlier performed some of his hits - much to the appreciation of his adoring wife.

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Lean on me: Looking slightly worse for wear, Jordan and Peter cling on to each other to walk back to their Porsche, only to discover that it has been clamped


Illegally parked: The couple were forced to pay a fine there and then to have the clamp removed (left)

The pair look worse for wear as they left the venue and clung to each other as they made their way to the Porsche.

Jordan - who is known for her outrageous outfits - was dressed rather demurely in white trousers and a white top.

When they eventually made it into the car the back seat was cluttered with Katie's clothes and a large pillow.

She recently admitted that she takes a pillow with her when she goes clubbing because she gets so tired after a night out that she needs to sleep straight away.

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Singling the hits? Peter performs on stage at the night club earlier in the evening

Buried underneath: Jordan climbs into the back of the car which is full of her clothes and a pillow

Katie said: "I'm not the girl I used to be in my early 20s.

"Every time I go out, I take a duvet, pillow and make-up remover for the car home."

Meanwhile Peter has said that he's embarrassed by photographs of his wife drunk.

He said: "The problem with Kate is that she doesn't go out and drink that often and when she does, it shows what a lightweight she is."

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