I felt like choking John over affair with Tracey, says Prescott's wife


Last updated at 14:39 11 May 2008

John Prescott's wife Pauline last night spoke for the first time about her husband's scandalous affair with his diary secretary Tracey Temple.

She said she felt like 'choking' the former Deputy Prime Minister when she discovered his infidelity – but chose to stay with him after deciding she did not want to be embittered for the rest of her life.

Mrs Prescott said she was inundated with letters from other women angry on her behalf who urged her to get revenge on her unfaithful husband.

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"What they suggested I should do to John doesn't bear repeating," she said.

Bizarrely, she told how the affair became public just as she was about to have a new lavatory installed at the family home in Hull.

Mr Prescott said she would have to call it off while they dealt with the media furore over his affair, but she refused to do so.

According to Mr Prescott, it was his wife who talked him out of resigning.

He said: "I thought I'd probably have to resign. I had brought shame on the family."

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He recalled: "Pauline had just washed her hair and was about to go to bed. I came in looking ashen. When I said it was Tracey she was devastated. Pauline and Tracey had gone to engagements together, had sat together at public events."

But in an interview last night to publicise her husband's forthcoming memoirs, Mrs Prescott described her feelings when John confessed that he had had a fling with Ms Temple.

She said: "When I finished choking him, I started to think.

"I read every article in every paper. John told me I was crucifying myself but I just had to read it so I knew how to deal with it.

"I was about to have a lovely loo put in. John said I'd have to cancel all that but I didn't."

Mr Prescott said he was 'staggered' when he saw photographs of himself with

Ms Temple 'looking adoringly' at him.

"The relationship just wasn't like that at all. In fact, when I apologised at the [Labour Party] Conference, I wasn't even disowning Tracey because there wasn't a relationship."

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