EDUARDO LATEST: Unforgiving Wenger tells Taylor: Only you know if you meant to hurt my striker

Last updated at 15:06 29 February 2008

Eduardo leg break - The tackle

The tackle: Birmingham's Taylor goes in late on Eduardo

Arsene Wenger has refused to exonerate

Martin Taylor for the tackle that caused Eduardo's

horrendous injury.

Wenger said the Birmingham defender would

"have to live" with what he had done and that only

the player knew if there was any malice behind

the challenge.

In the aftermath of last Saturday's match,

Arsenal boss Wenger called for Taylor, who was

sent off for the incident, to be banned for life,

although he later retracted the comments.

But Wenger has clearly not forgiven the

28-year-old for the challenge, which broke Eduardo's

leg and dislocated his ankle and is likely to keep the

striker on the sidelines for nine months.

The Arsenal boss said: "Only Martin Taylor

knows what he has done and why he has tackled

like that. At the end of the day it is his problem and he will have to live with that.

"It's the kind of thing you do not

want to see on a football pitch."

However, Wenger was upbeat when questioned about Eduardo's condition and insisted: "The first signs are good. The first problems that could happen are infections and, on that front, it looks good."

And asked if Eduardo would make a full recovery, Wenger replied: "We think so."

Taylor had claimed earlier today

that the Arsenal manager's initial

reaction had made the situation

worse for him.

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Wenger: confident his team will prevail

He said: "It [Wenger's words] hasn't changed

my view because I know it was an


"But it has affected the

way people react to it. Arsene

Wenger is one of the most highly

respected managers in the game

and people listen to what he says."

But the Arsenal boss is now

looking to put the matter to bed,

and added today: "At the end of the

day, I do not want to make him the

guy who everybody is after

because I don't know him well

enough. Also you can't change


about it now

and we do not

want to be

seen as a club

of hate. We

want to be

seen as a club

with a



Wenger also



Gallas's remarkable sit-down on

the pitch at the end of the game

and said he had spoken to his

captain about his behaviour.

The Gunners boss said: "He was

upset with the [Eduardo] incident.

Of course, it's always better that

you keep in control but he is just so

committed, William, that it was

just too much on the day for him."

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