Oh no! Brad Pitt's had a Forrest Gump haircut

Last updated at 11:29 29 February 2008

Brad Pitt appears to have shed his heart-throb good looks with a new Forrest Gump-style haircut.

The 43-year-old actor revealed the unflattering new style after shaving the sides of his head and leaving an unflattering crop on top.

Beneath the hair and with the new style, Brad looked less like a Hollywood hunk and more like the nice but dim title character played by Tom Hanks in the 1994 film.

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Enlarge   Brad Pitt

With his new haircut Brad Pitt is a dead ringer for character Forrest Gump famously played by Tom Hanks (right)

Brad Pitt

The actor was practically unrecognisable with his new haircut

His hair, which is now shaved on the back and sides, does him no favours, emphasising he is not a fresh-faced young actor anymore.

There is hopeful speculation the new hairdo is a temporary requirement of his next film Tree of Life, currently in production in Smithfield, Texas, and not a permanent feature.

However, having announced he and partner Angelina Jolie are expecting twins, style is probably the last thing on Brad's mind.

The couple are already adoptive parents to Cambodian Maddox, six; Ethiopian Zahara, three; and Vietnamese Pax Thien, four; and have a biological daughter Shiloh Nouvel, 21 months.

In preparation for the birth this summer, Pitt has been rescheduling his work so he has enough time to spend with Jolie and the children.

A friend of the couple tells the Mail Online: "Brad's been very quiet about this pregnancy so far but this was the weekend he decided to let the cat out of the bag. He's telling everybody close to him, because he's having to change around his work schedule to get ready for the birth.

"They're having twins, Angelina is healthy, and he's thrilled that he's going to be a father once again.

"They didn't exactly plan this pregnancy, but they wanted more children and Brad says Angelina was very willing to have them herself."

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