Magnificent and breathtaking Egypt

By Cynthia Burdon from Edinburgh, Scotland

Last updated at 14:39 29 February 2008


Our 7 night Nile Cruise was more an expedition than a holiday - up early to get to all the Temples and Tombs and although i would do anything to avoid an early rise this week was an exception! "Totally awesome" might sound very "unbritish" but really they are the only words to describe the magnificent and breath-taking sites and sights of Luxor, Karnak, The Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Edfu, Esna, Aswan and Abu Simbel.

You've seen the pictures but to be there and see the sheer size of these monuments you can only be amazed at how they built them all these centuries ago. Aswan was my favourite place - green and lush, with majestic feluccas sailing effortlessly along the Nile giving the tourists a cooling respite from the heat of the land and discovering along the way a myriad of birdlife including the Osprey who was seeking refuge, like us, from the cold Scottish winter.

Other than the amazing Pryamids and the pigeon covered Sphinx, Cairo has nothing much going for it and if you are a nervous car passenger then its NOT the place for you as the Highway Code doesn't exist!!! Would i recommend a Nile Cruise - most certainly but be aware of the street sellers and shop keepers who pester and hound you even though you don't look them in the eye - quite frankly once the fun of saying "laa'a, laa'a" constantly has worn off and anoyance sets in the atmosphere and magic of the location begins to dim and you just want to go! Despite a heavy armed Police presence at all venues, even they can ask you to take their photo and then demand payment...and who is going to argue with an armed policeman!!

Great fun, warm but not too hot (circa 25 degrees between 4-14 February)- another destination to tick off the "must do" list.

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