How Sarko's babes' low-cut dress brought a certain 'je ne sais quoi' to the Royal Banquet

They are known as "Sarko's babes", the glamorous female ministers who have bought a certain je ne sais quoi  to the French government.

Leading the foray at Wednesday night's Windsor Castle banquet was justice minister Rachida Dati, 42, who recently posed for a French magazine in fishnet stockings.

Enlarge   racida

Daring: French minister Rachida Dati

On this occasion she showed off her shoulders in a daring strapless gown that showed a little too much vavavoom for the historic surroundings of the Castle  -  let alone the Duke of Edinburgh, who barely knew where to look after finding himself sandwiched between her and Mme Sarkozy at dinner.

While there is no explicit dress code for women, etiquette for royal banquets generally requires lady guests to cover their upper body and decolletage. 

Following Mme Dati was Rama Yade, the 31-year- old Senegalese-born under- secretary of state for foreign affairs who is renowned as much for her model looks as her political nous, wearing a skintight satin dress.

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