As Amy shows her scabby face, here's how other celebrities might look with out the airbrush

As Amy Winehouse is caught out trying to cover up her scabby face with heavy make-up, take a look at how other celebrities might look without thousands of pounds worth of beauty treatments, facials and with a lot of bad luck.

Using high-tech software, flawless Hollywood stars - who are never seen with so much as a hair out of place - have been transformed into ghoulish-looking monsters with terrible skin complaints that leave them looking like they have caught the plague.

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Scabby: How Nicole Kidman and Kirsten Dunst might look without beauty treatments

Stars like Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez will be horrified to see pictures of themselves looking so scabby and spotty and positively ill.

If there is anything to put celebrities off drugs and rushing straight into beauty salons for spot treatments and facials - these pictures might just do the trick.


Looking ghoulish: Kylie with scabby skin and Cameron Diaz would look ogre-like if she had a nasty skin complaint


Not so hot: Christina Aguilera might have terrible skin if she was Dirrty and didn't wash, while Mariah Carey would hardly be a Dreamlover with skin like this


Greasy geeks: Owen Wilson and Tom Cruise look far less dapper with bad skin, bad teeth and lank locks


If J-Lo had not left the block, would her skin be this bad? And Jennifer Aniston would need a fortune in skincare treatments to clear up this complaint


Reese Witherspoon would not look so red carpet ready with these huge zits, and Pirates of the Carribbean star Orlando Bloom would be on fewer bedroom posters with this acne

Amy's scabs

The real thing: Amy's make up can't hid the poor state of her skin

The images were created by using software from To see more celebrities looking their worst, visit

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