Public transport is rubbish - says Madonna, the chauffeur-driven pop diva


Last updated at 00:45 30 March 2008

While the thought of paying the Congestion Charge is enough to put most people off driving into central London, Madonna has taken things one step further and said she believes aspiring musicians shouldn't have to pay it at all.

Despite being driven around the capital in chauffeur-driven cars, the pop diva has launched a blistering attack on London's transport system and blasted Mayor Ken Livingstone for making "traffic worse than ever".

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Mama don't preach: Madonna's comments on public transport seem particularly hypocritical as she usually uses a chauffeur-driven car

Admitting Mr Livingstone wouldn't be getting her vote, Madonna slammed the congestion charge and warned people not to use the Tube.

"I would make it so that aspiring musicians wouldn't have to pay the congestion charge, or pay taxes" she told Q magazine.

"Now all Red Ken [Livingstone] wants is road works going on everywhere."

"Don't use the Tube; can't use the roads? No, I'll just have to walk."

However a spokesman for the Mayor hit back at Madonna and said traffic would be grid-locked if the C-charge was not in place.

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London underground

Don't use the tube: Madonna has warned people off London's public transport network

He also added that the roadworks she referred to are "long overdue."

This isn't the first time the Queen of Pop has criticised her adopted home.

She has slammed the work ethic of London builders in the past, and also took a swipe at the English mentality as well as "old" NHS hospitals.

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