Stay stress free at Terminal Five

Last updated at 10:11 28 March 2008

Arrive stress-free at Heathrow Terminal Five

Arrive stress-free at Heathrow Terminal Five

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Air travel without stress is like fish without chips. You can't really have one without the other. Whether you are juggling six different travel documents while towing your wobbly pull-along luggage, or rooting for that forbidden bottle of conditioner at security, frayed nerves are almost a dead cert as you make your way through airports.

Or so we all thought... this week saw the opening of Heathrow's brand new Terminal Five, which claims to mark a new era in stress-free air travel. British Airways have done their hi-tech homework in a bid to ease airport stress for their 30 million expected annual passengers.

So what can passengers travelling with BA expect?



  • 150 fast bag drops:

    customers will be able to check in their luggage with speed and ease.



  • 96 self-service check-in points:

    if in doubt, do it yourself - officials hope these T5 kiosks will help to cut down queueing times.



  • T5 is home to the world's most advanced baggage system. Bags zip along at 30mph meaning your luggage will often be waiting for you at the carousel before you get there.

There are also benefits specific to BA passengers who won't have to change terminals to transfer flights, and, If you fly with BA through T5 you can benefit from their world class lounge facilities and a dedicated kid's play area.

Whether any of this will actually help to relieve stress remains to be seen, but there are nonetheless plenty of different ways to cope its onset should stress rear its ugly head.

So, to coincide with the opening of Heathrow's Terminal Five, with its huge range of stress beating new features, we got hold of stress-busting guru and head of the acclaimed Stress Management Society, Neil Shah, as he gives us his top stress busting travel advice in our latest video interview...

The grand opening of Heathrow's Terminal Five got off predominantly on the good foot as the first flight came in to the terminal from Hong Kong eight minutes ahead of schedule.

As expected, the new terminal's grand opening was not entirely free from teething problems. There were problems with security and luggage and at least 33 short-haul flights were cancelled, British Airways said.

But all of this is to be expected during the course of the biggest airport move in history, especially considering the outside disrpution caused by environmental demonstrators and the sheer enormity of the logistical challenge of organising a building bigger than 50 football pitches and capable of processing 90,000 passengers every day.

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The Mail on Sunday's Travel Editor Frank Barrett gives his verdict on the new Heathrow terminal...

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