Clash of the soap matriarchs: Pat and Peggy come to blows at Frank Butcher's funeral

In what promises to be a classic clash of the soap matriarchs, the former wives of Frank Butcher come to blows on the day the former Albert Square stalwart is laid to rest.

Peggy and Pat have a long history of ill-feeling, which was not helped by Frank's philandering with flirty ex-wife Pat.

And the soap veterans Pam St Clement and Barbara Windsor get physical again in explosive scenes as their former husband, and Pat's lover while married to Peggy - is set to be buried.

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Pam St Clement and Barbara Windsor

Peggy and Pat come head to head

Peggy and Frank sparked up an unlikely romance, much to her hard men sons', Phil and Grant's disapproval.

But their marriage ended when Frank started an affair with Pat, which led to a heated showdown in the Queen Vic.

But despite the drama Pat clearly still retains a lot of affection for the used car dealer.

And at the funeral Pat she peels off her sombre black coat, to reveal a racy red dress, after laying a single red rose on the coffin for her dead lover.

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Enlarge   Pam St Clement

Pat cheekily wears red to her ex husband's funeral

In the scenes to be aired next week, Frank's errant daughter Janine Butcher, played by 26-year-old Charlie Brooks, makes a return after a three year break.

Janine, who killed husband Barry, arrives back in Walford for the funeral.

In a poignant scene, she tells stepmother Pat how much she appreciates what she did for her as a child. But true to form, all is not as it seems as she has a glint in her eye when Pat turns around.

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Enlarge   Pam St Clement and Charlie Brooks

Janine looks like she may be up to her old tricks again

Janine last appeared on the Square in 2005 where a collapsed murder trial saw her flee Walford.

The scenes will be aired on Tuesday, 1st April, on BBC1 at 7:30pm.

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