He'll wreck your life too: Grim warning to schoolgirl who ran away with grandfather - from the woman he left with three children

It was a deeply unsettling story - the 15-year-old schoolgirl who's run off with a jobless wastrel of 26. Here, another teenager he seduced (and left with three children) warns his latest victim...

At just 21, Aquilla Newboe has a wisdom beyond her years.

Perhaps this is not surprising given that, at an age when most young women are embarking on their first forays into adulthood, she is already a mother of three, has been through a stillbirth, and endured a seven-year relationship that was, at its best, unsatisfactory, and at its worst, abusive and frightening.

Now emerging from the constraints of the past few years, Aquilla is beginning to realise just how foolish she has been.

Aquilla Newboe

A tough lesson: Acquilla Newboe, 21, was abandoned by Jack Moore, 26, after having three of his children

For while she would not wish her children away, she is facing the stark reality that, thanks to a heady teenage romance with a man described by this paper last week as a 'feckless wastrel on benefits', the dreams she and her parents once had for her own life are an extremely long way from coming to fruition.

The man in question is Jack Moore, an unemployed father-of-three with a history of drug abuse and joy-riding, who is currently at the centre of a storm between a woman named Suzanne Woolvern and her daughter, Victoria Pilkington.

Suzanne, who runs her own home shopping business, and her partner Richard, 38, have been beside themselves with worry after Victoria  -  until recently a model daughter and hardworking pupil  -  ran away to be with Jack, who is 11 years her senior.

When mother and daughter told their stories in the Mail last week, Victoria said she simply wanted to escape the clutches of her snobby mother, who refused to give her boyfriend a chance.

Suzanne countered that her daughter is a young girl who is now in danger of throwing away every opportunity she has been given in life.

As the woman who was Jack's partner for seven years (until he unexpectedly dumped her for Victoria), Aquilla has more than a few words of warning for Victoria.

'Jack and I met when I was 14 and he was 19,' says Aquilla, who lives in Crawley with their children, Jack, six, Tanya, four, and Auron, three.

'He liked me because I was a naive little girl that he could dominate and control. As soon as I reached a point where I finally found my own mind, he dropped me for some other little girl he could walk all over.

'There are so many similarities between my relationship with Jack and his with Victoria, that hearing about them makes my blood run cold.

'You mark my words: it's just a matter of time before she is pregnant  -  and then every ambition that she and her parents had for her life will go down the drain. That is certainly what happened to me as a result of getting involved with that man.'

The fateful meeting

Aquilla clearly remembers the day she first laid eyes on Jack Moore. At the time, she was starting her GCSEs and had plans to go to college. She is the youngest of four daughters and came from a close-knit family.

'I met Jack on Friday, October 13,' she says. 'Given the date, I wondered there and then whether he'd turn out to be bad luck. I should have listened to my instincts.

'Stupidly, I was impressed by Jack because he had a reputation for being a "bad boy", and a month later, to my parents' horror, we were a couple. My mum, who's a cleaner, and dad, who is a plasterer, didn't like him at all.

'They also thought he was too old for me. They did all they could to keep us apart, including grounding me and banning Jack from coming near our house. They basically considered him a total layabout.

'But, just like Victoria seems to now, I found Jack intoxicating  -  and started playing truant to be with him.'

Just what the charm of Jack Moore is, it's hard to fathom. Nonetheless, with Jack a part of her world, Aquilla's life was set to change dramatically.

She lost her virginity to him at 14, and ran away from home to be with him, going to stay with his parents in Bletchingly, Surrey.

Just as Victoria's mother Suzanne had to do recently, Aquilla's parents were faced with the tortuous task of contacting the police to report their daughter missing, then trying to persuade her to come home.

'At the time, I didn't care what my parents thought and felt, as long as I was with Jack,' recalls Aquilla. 'I went home a few times, but always ended up running away with Jack again.

'It wasn't as if he could provide me with a great life  -  we ended up sleeping on friends' sofas. There were times when I thought "I miss my bedroom and my mum"; but most of the time, being with Jack was enough.'

By January, Aquilla, then still 14, was pregnant. Sheepishly, she returned home to break the news to her parents.

Breaking the news

It wasn't, she admits, something she'd planned for her life. Until then, she'd had plans for a career and had wanted to settle down and have children only once she was in her late 20s and married.

'I told Dad first, and he couldn't even look me in the eyes,' Aquilla recalls. 'I've never seen anyone look so disappointed. Mum was shouting and crying when I told her. I vividly remember her saying she'd had such high hopes for me.

'She said to me: "I thought you were a smart girl", and that now I'd gone and thrown it all away.'

In a bid to make the best of the situation, Aquilla's parents invited Jack to move in with them. It was a decision they quickly grew to regret, as they became familiar with what Aquilla describes as his 'furious temper'.

When Jack first moved in, everyone did their best to be civil to each other,' she says.

'But Mum couldn't forgive Jack for getting me pregnant, and whenever Jack and I had an argument, she would leap to my defence. There was an extremely tense atmosphere between them.'

Completely infatuated: Schoolgirl Lisa Wright
Empty flat: Unemployed Nigel Trowbridge

Familiar story: Schoolgirl Lisa Wright has run away with a grandfather, Jack Moore, 30 years her senior

When the baby arrived a month before Aquilla turned 15, Jack did not take well to fatherhood. The sleepless nights and constant demands of a newborn left him struggling to control his black moods.

'Jack hated the change in routine, and seemed filled with fury all the time,' says Aquilla. 'He would shout when the baby woke up, and I ended up having to creep downstairs with the baby  -  whom we named Jack, too  -  in order to tend to him.

'Then, in the daytime, he'd go out with his friends instead of spending time as a family. He didn't have a job so he had no means to support us. From the outset, I felt like a single mother.

'And it didn't help that baby Jack used to scream every time his father came into the room  -  because he'd become scared of Jack's ranting. Were it not for the support of my parents, I have no idea how I would have coped.

'Given the circumstances, I told Jack I wanted to go on the Pill, but he said that if I did he'd dump me. He also refused to let me see my friends.'

At 16 Aquilla was pregnant again  -  this time with the couple's daughter, Tanya.


Given the way she describes their relationship, it is hard to understand how she allowed another pregnancy to occur, but she says she was trapped, with her own self-confidence falling by the day.

'I couldn't see it at the time, but Jack was controlling me,' she says. 'For instance, after Tanya was born in October 2003, I wanted to go and have the contraceptive implant put in so that I couldn't fall pregnant again, but he refused to let me.

'I think he liked the fact that if I was either pregnant or caring for a small child, I couldn't have my own life. He always used to say to me that I had to stay at home and be with the kids, while he went out to work. The problem was, in all the time we were together, he barely worked at all.

'He controlled me in other ways, too. He wouldn't let me cut or colour my hair, or wear make-up; and if I did, he'd turn on me angrily and say that unless I took it off he'd dump me. He even tried to stop me seeing my family. He used to say if I went to my sister's house, he'd burn it down.'

By now, Aquilla says she had also become frightened of Jack.

'We had terrible rows, in which he'd throw things and absolutely terrify me  -  though he never hit me,' she says. 'But Mum always said that it was only a matter of time before he did.'

Within six months of Tanya's birth in October 2003, Aquilla was pregnant again. 'It was the same old story, really,' she says. 'I tried to get contraception  -  but Jack wouldn't let me. I tried to make him use a condom, but he refused. And then I got pregnant.

'It was a horrible time. We were at each other's throats all the time, my self-confidence was gone, and my family constantly told me that I needed to get away from Jack.

But he'd made me believe that I couldn't survive without him. At times, I'd look at my life and that of the girls I'd been at school with, and I'd think: "How did I get here?"

'They were all going off to university, and I was 18 with three children. Most of the time, I despised Jack. I knew I was better than him, and I knew that I deserved more.'

The moment of hope

Incredibly, though, within this dysfunctional relationship there was to be a brief hiatus of happiness  -  beginning last November when Jack got a job at the local supermarket.

For a short while, with him finally earning a living and providing for his family, Aquilla felt that there was hope for their relationship.

'I'd even go as far as saying that I fell back in love with him once he was working and supporting me,' she says.

The feeling was to be short-lived, though. It was at the supermarket that Jack met Victoria Pilkington.

Victoria Woolven

Latest victim: Schoolgirl Victoria Woolven, 15, and Jack ran away together in March

'In January, I started hearing rumours that there was this 15-year-old girl at his work, and that she and Jack were having an affair.

'At first, I couldn't believe it. For a start, 15 is a lot younger than his 26. But one night, I went through his phone and discovered text messages from her saying how much she loved him, and that she wanted him to get rid of me.

'Over the next few weeks, I checked his phone constantly, then crept upstairs to cry after reading her messages. He didn't notice. He was hardly the sort of man who'd notice if I was upset anyway.'

In February, Aquilla finally confronted Jack. He denied infidelity, and the relationship limped on until early March  -  when he and Victoria ran away together.

Although Aquilla's pride is clearly injured, she immediately noted, with a sinking heart, the similarities between her relationship with Jack and his with Victoria. And knowing her former boyfriend's controlling nature, she now fears the worst for Victoria.

'She's in the same position as I was at her age, and is completely bowled over by Jack,' says Aquilla.

'If he has anything to do with it, it's only a matter of time before she loses all her friends and has a brood of children to look after.

'Apparently, she wants to be a lawyer. Well, I'm willing to put money on it that she will never, ever achieve that dream.

'His charm won't last either. It will only be a matter of time before she becomes afraid of him, and a shadow of her former self  -  just as I did.'

Now free of Jack Moore, Aquilla is determined to pick up the pieces of her life. She is already set to do a number of things that Jack previously wouldn't allow her to do  -  such as learn to drive, go to college and take the children on holiday abroad.

'My household is happier without him here, and I've reached a point where I'm glad he left me,' she says. 'The children are more relaxed and happier, too, without him around shouting at them all the time.

'It's just a pity that in order for me to have my own life back, another young girl looks set to lose hers.'

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