Sharon Stone, a mystery man and a flash of that old Basic Instinct

Sharon Stone sails on the French Riviera, and manages to create some Hollywood style drama all in a single afternoon while on board fashion designer Roberto Cavalli's yacht in Cannes.

The racy actress, clearly hasn't forgotten how to cause a stir, as despite her advancing years she pitched up braless, in a sheer white and grey slip of a dress, which concealed very little of her modesty.

Sharon, 50, dressed to impress to attend a soiree on the designer's yacht, during the 61st Cannes Film Festival, but it seems like the ageing actress still can't let go of her naughty ways.

sharon stone

Still naughty: Sharon Stone attended a soiree aboard designer Roberto Cavalli's yacht in a skimpy dress where she canoodled with a mystery man

After arriving on a small motor boat - on which she revealed rather too much of her outfit, flashing her underwear in a re-run of her infamous Basic Instinct pose.

Thankfully, on this occasion at least the actress' dignity was saved by her nude coloured thong.

Later, while aboard the yacht she was seen ensconced in a full on canoodling session with a silver-haired mystery man.

sharon stone

Sharon Stone is caught in a clinch aboard a yacht with a mystery man as she soaked up the sun in Cannes

The actress leaned backed intimately with the elderly unknown suitor, who was wearing chinos and a red sleeveless jacket, flinging her arms around him in a familiar fashion.

The mother-of-three has been single since splitting from San Francisco Chronicle editor Phil Bronstein in 2004.

The film star is mother to adopted sons Roan Joseph, who turns eight tomorrow; Laird Vonne, three; and Quinn Kelly, two.

The outrageous actress appears to be enjoying herself immensely after joining the Hollywood exodus to the film festival on France's famous Riviera.


Hollywood superstar Sharon Stone has a 'Basic Instinct' moment whilst climbing aboard a boat in the South of France

sharon Stone Basic Instinct 1992

'That' scene: Sharon Stone in 'that' famous leg-crossing sequence in the 1992 film Basic Instinct

And tonight, the outrage envelope will no doubt be pushed even further when she joins forces with another racy entertainer - Madonna - who will co-host the annual fundraising fete for AIDS organisation amfAR.

Last year, Stone raised £3.5million at the annual Cannes aids benefit as she played auctioneer for the night.

Stone is on the French Riviera to promote her new film No Subtitles Necessary: Laszlo & Vilmos, which screens tomorrow.

Turning 50 clearly hasn't mellowed the outspoken actress.

She said it had in fact allowed her to revamp her life and rid it of people and things that had dragged her down.

In a recent interview the Basic Instinct star said: "Like me or don't like me and if you don't like me, then pardon me, but f*** off.

"Anybody who isn't going to be on my side - I got rid of them.

She added: "I fired the people out of my life who weren't working with me successfully, professionally.

"I got rid of the people who weren't really my friends. I stopped trying to date the men who didn't really like me - and I mean even the type of men who weren't healthy for me."

"I wish it didn't take me until now to become honest with that.

"It's just now that I have the courage to do it and I can't tell you how free I feel."


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