Why Bristol City midfielder Lee Johnson hopes he won't be left holding the baby come Saturday

Excitement has been banned from the household of Bristol City midfielder Lee Johnson this week for fear of sending wife Nicola into labour with their first child and dash his hopes of playing in Saturday's Championship play-off final.

While Johnson's dad Gary prepares his team for Wembley, including a squad visit to the stadium today to familiarise his players with the surroundings, Johnson junior has a twin target in the next fortnight - promotion to the Barclays Premier League and the safe arrival of the baby that will also be the Bristol City boss's first grandchild.

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Lee Johnson, tackling Watford's Gavin Mahon

Flying colours: Lee Johnson, tackling Watford's Gavin Mahon, has been a key figure in City's midfield this season

Lee Johnson said: "The baby is due is due on June 5, but it's bound to come about 12 o'clock on the 24th of May when the play-off final is about to start. I'm looking forward to it coming.

"It's going to be good fun, but it's weird at the moment because you've got all the excitement of football, so with the baby, I'm all over the shop.

"The baby has been a good distraction from the play-offs obviously. You just don't know what to think. I'm looking at my wife's stomach and thinking there's a baby in there, but I can't really grasp it.

"If we win at Wembley, that will just top it off even more and make the whole summer experience that bit better. It's exciting times for the club, which is great. You can't ask for any more."

Whether he makes it to kick-off time in the play-off final against Hull or has to accompany Nicola to hospital, Johnson knows that this summer will be like no other he has experienced.

He added: "If we do go up, we won't have much time off before we're back in training trying to get ready for the Premier League - and I'll be changing nappies in the meantime anyway."

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