Chesney's clinch: Corrie's sweetheart gets his first kiss

Coronation Street’s Chesney Brown is growing up very fast.

After weeks of dreaming the young teen will finally get his first kiss in an episode to be aired this week.

After falling for his class mate Kayleigh Morton (Jessica Barden) Chesney gets the chance of a kiss when the two are cast in a play together.

coronation street

First kiss Kayliegh reaches in to give Chesney a kiss for their school play

The sweet teen played by Sam Aston became an instant hit with viewers after being abandoned by his family and after weeks of trying  to get Kayleigh's  attention his luck has suddenly changed.

When Kayleigh’s bad boy boyfriend is arrested for robbery Chesney sees his chance to make his move and jumps at the opportunity.

coronation street

Chesney has been trying to impress Kayliegh for week but had no response

He leans in for a chance with his crush and is surprised that she kisses him back.

But will this spell trouble for the smitten boy when Kayleigh’s boyfriend finds out?

The scenes are aired on Friday May 30

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