Actor Andy Garcia reveals his extremely scary, hairy back

Actor Andy Garcia is best known for his Hollywood film roles – but he has now revealed a new side of himself, and its rather hairy.

The hirsute actor, 52, unveiled his extremely hairy back at exclusive Eden Roc hotel on the French Riviera while in Cannes for the film festival as he relaxed poolside.


Oh hair: A rear view reveals the previously hidden truth about actor Andy's extremely hairy back as he dries off in Cannes today

Enlarge   andy garcia

The awful truth: Slumped Andy has no inhibitions as he takes an afternoon stroll sporting an equally hairy tummy

Clearly Garcia was enjoying the weather on the French Riviera, but the thick mantle of hair would surely prevent him from returning to Hollywood with a tan.

With only a pair of floral print swim shorts covering his body, the actor's stomach and back revealed a considerable covering of very long body hair.

However, the hairy heartthrob, who has been married to wife Marivi Lorido for 26 years, may no longer be a wow on the beach, but he also has plenty of other talents.

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Andy Garcia's towel hid a little secret about the Ocean's 11 star

andy garcia

Actor Garcia in 2004, with his hairy back and chest kept firmly under wraps

Actress Christina Ricci said Garcia and his Cuban band kept the crowd rocking into the night at the Chopard Party on Monday night at the Carlton Hotel.

She lavished praise on the Cuban-born star and the band, and said: "They're amazing!"

Garcia is a conga player and a huge Cuban music afficionado.

He's also produced several Cuban music albums

Meanwhile, his latest film is ‘The Air I Breathe’ has received a lukewarm reception from critics.

Taking its cue from an old Chinese proverb that says life is composed of four emotions – happiness, pleasure, sorrow and love .

The ensemble drama features an A-list cast and four intertwined plotlines, reminiscent of Hollywood dramas Crash and 21 Grams

Forest Whitaker stars as an accountant who gets into financial trouble with Andy Garcia’s gangster and attempts to rob a bank to solve the problem.

The symbolically named protagonists, include Sorrow (Sarah Michelle Gellar), Pleasure (Brendan Fraser) and Happiness (Forest Whitaker) - drift through four familiar noir stories, all revolving around crime boss Fingers played by Garcia.

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