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How to get buff for the beach


Lancôme’s new Magistrale Anti-Ageing Redefining Treatment targets bingo wings, crepy chests and podgy tummies thanks to the combination of collagen-stimulating ingredients and caffeine to reduce fat deposits. It smells good too - a blend of uplifting bergamot, cardamom and green tea. £30, available nationwide

Bestselling French body brand Jeanne Piaubert has introduced a fast-working
anti-cellulite formula to its fat-busting, body-sculpting range. Speed Dieting promises results in seven days. £96, tel: 020 8810 5544 for stockists

Givenchy has added an orange-peel smoothing formula, Concentrated Anti-Cellulite Serum, to its No Complex range. Use it twice daily for a month. £29.50, available nationwide

Sometimes it helps to just get in the mood for popping on a bikini. For this try Chanel Body Excellence Firming and Revitalizing Body Spray, £42, which smells of white flowers and leaves skin moisturised and toned. Available nationwide

For a high-tech Japanese approach, try the new Shiseido Body Creator Aromatic Sculpting Concentrate. The quantity of the stimulating fragrance used in its anti-cellulite formulas (which is said to improve fatty deposit breakdown when used with caffeine) has been increased to turbo-charge the effectiveness of the formula. In addition, a collagen-boosting plant extract, saiko, has been added to improve skin smoothness. £42, tel: 020 7313 4774 for stockists

If you want to tackle cellulite using natural plant extracts, try Nude Smoothing Body Refiner. Organic mountain ash, ginger and ginkgo help kick-start sluggish circulation, and fig and green coffee extracts help smooth the skin. £38, tel: 0800 634 4366 for stockists

This Works has added Perfect Cleavage to its line-up. This smoothing, firming treatment targets sun-damaged skin with larch extract, yellow algae and pomegranate oil, along with Brazilian muru muru butter for a slight shimmer. £35,


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