Jailed for life: Jealous husband who murdered wife and tried to suffocate their toddler son

Danielle Bidgway

Murdered: Danielle Bidgway, 32, was strangled by her husband

A jealous husband strangled and suffocated his wife when she offered him £40,000 to leave so she could start a new life with her lover.

Craig Bidgway, 38, killed his businesswoman wife Danielle, 32, with a pillow and a plastic bag in their marital bed.

He then tried to kill their son William, two, with the bag in his cot but stopped when the boy woke up.

Yesterday he was jailed for life after being found guilty of murdering his wife and trying to murder William.

Bidgway, who sobbed throughout the six- day trial, had admitted manslaughter but denied murder, claiming he was provoked.

Mrs Bidgway was having an affair with ex-boyfriend Anthony Williams and often spent nights away from home after putting William and his brother Thomas, seven, to bed.

Her husband of ten years told police he had 'snapped' moments after she offered him the money to leave and 'meet someone else'.

Eventually Bidgway, a house husband, telephoned his mother who came to the house in Abercynon, South Wales, and called police.

Mrs Bidgway owned a cafe where she had bumped into Mr Williams, a plasterer, who had split up from his wife. She had moved between him and her husband several times.

Bidgway told police that once when she left home, his wife told him: 'It's me not you, you're a perfect husband and a perfect father.

'I know I'm making the biggest mistake in my life, acting out a teenage fantasy, but if I don't, I'll regret it for the rest of my life.'

Bidgway recalled: 'I was totally crushed. She just walked out and got in the car. Thomas and William went after her, they were screaming, they didn't understand where she was going and why.'

In a taped police interview played to the jury at Cardiff Crown Court, Bidgway told how he strangled his wife while they lay in bed at 6am.

He said the couple had again discussed their marital situation.

'She said: "Sorry, I can't. I can't leave him. You can have another life, go and meet someone else, I've got £40,000 for you".'

He told police: 'I snapped and strangled her. I folded a pillow over her face but she still sucked in breath so I got a carrier bag from the side of the bed.

'I put it over her head and squeezed her neck again. I killed her.'

Bidgway, who said that Thomas had been diagnosed as autistic, was told he will serve 14 years before being eligible for parole.

In a statement read to the court, the victim's mother Penelope Brealey said: 'I cannot believe what Craig did to Danielle. If you love someone, you don't do that.

Craig Bidgway

Craig Bidgway, 38, was sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering his wife and trying to kill their two-year-old son

'We look after the boys  -  if we didn't they would go into care.

'I look at pictures of Danielle and cannot believe I will never see her again. I just want our lives back. I have told Thomas his mother is in heaven and he set off a balloon for her.'

Judge Mr Justice Davies said: 'This has been a horrifying case. You were a loving father and husband.

'I accept your wife's relationship with another man must have been a torment.

'You let jealousy, anger and possessiveness get the better of you. Nothing she said or did could justify what you did.

'Your attitude was that if you could not have her, no one could. Your children have lost a mother and her parents have lost a daughter.

'You suffocated and strangled her. While people will be revolted, it reflects your highly possessive attitude and state of mind.

'But this in no way explains you trying to suffocate your son in his cot.'

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