BB Sylvia: 'Dennis is a hero for spitting on Mohammed'

Axed housemate Sylvia has hailed Dennis a hero for spitting on Mohamed. 

The Scottish dance teacher was booted out of the house on Friday for  his "unacceptable behaviour" on Friday.

He was at the centre of a alcohol-fuelled row on Thursday night which escalated after Jen complained a portrait of Stu had been defaced by Rex.


Sylvia Barrie speaks up over the spitting incident, branding Dennis a hero for 'putting himself on the line'

But bunny boiler Sylvia - who was ejected from the house on Friday after losing out to nomination rival Mohamed - has praised Dennis for his actions.

She says, "He literally put himself - and his position in the house - on the line. So my feelings towards him will never change.

"I was just upset that my best friend was taken out of the house - I was devastated."

And Sylvia admitted the tension between the housemates was so bad, she feared there would be a physical brawl.

She adds, "It was a case of something that spiralled out of control. 


Unacceptable: The moment that Dennis spat in Mohamed's face

"I actually did think there would be a fight."

Sylvia admits she did not like fellow housemate Mohamed, branding him a "perv".

She says, "We were playing a game of Truth or Dare and Mohamed said he had a dream about me. I felt sick.

 "I didn't find it funny at all. I just think he's a perv. Even just the way he looks at me sometimes.

 "I just think, 'Oh stop it, I don't fancy you. Stop it!'"

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