British woman, 23, jumped to her death from Golden Gate Bridge after studying suicide websites

A young graduate caught a plane to San Francisco and leapt to her death from the Golden Gate Bridge after looking at suicide websites.

Olivia Crowther, 23, was just embarking on a career in magazine publishing in London when she left her shared flat and travelled to the bridge alone.

Her devastated parents said their daughter's death was a 'bolt out of the blue' and warned of the dangers of suicide websites.

Enlarge   Olivia Crowther

Olivia Crowther, 23, jumped to her death from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco after browsing the internet for suicide websites

There has been growing concern about the proliferation of such sites. Earlier this year doctors warned that young people are just 'two clicks' away from finding help to commit suicide on the internet.

Mark and Philippa Crowther said that Olivia, who graduated with a 2.1 in English from Sussex University, was 'delighted' to be in London working for women's magazines including She and Red.

But it is understood she had become worried about the high pressure industry she was working in. 'We shall all miss her so much and life for us will, I'm afraid, never be the same again,' said Mrs Crowther, 53.

In a statement from the family home in Cranham, near Stroud, Gloucestershire, the family added: 'Olivia had recently started working in London, where she hoped to have a career in publishing and seemed to be enjoying her life there.

'She was always a private and quiet person but never had any particular history of depression, except for the usual ups and downs of young people growing up in the 21st century.

'To us she was a loving daughter who seemed to be making her way in the world and to whom we spoke and saw on a regular basis.

'She left her flat in London and flew to San Francisco where she checked into a hotel.

'The following day she jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and her body was subsequently recovered by the California Highway Patrol.

'What has happened has come like a bolt out of the blue and has desolated us, as her parents, and her younger sister Hannah.'

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco where Olivia Crowther jumped to her death

Miss Crowther, who had shared a flat in Whitechapel for nine months, did not return her parents' calls for some weeks before travelling to San Francisco. It was they who reported her missing.

When they visited her flat they found a number of suicide websites had been accessed on her computer.

Campaigners argue that such sites have been a factor in at least 30 cases of young suicides in the UK in the past six years.

Miss Crowther's computer was taken away by police who are examining the sites she viewed.

Her father, 56, a chemical engineer, said she had been suffering from work-related health problems. It is understood she may have found the world of publishing stressful.

Miss Crowther's uncle Robert Leader, 61, said: 'Mark and Philippa became worried because Olivia kept in touch regularly and had been out of touch for a while.

'They went round to her flat and started to look at her internet history and discovered she had flown to America.

'They found suicide sites showing tall buildings and bridges and they became very concerned. Unfortunately, their worst fears were realised.

'We are all quite baffled and very shocked. She lived a normal young person's life and had lots of friends.'

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