Trump takes incendiary immigration views to the GOP faithful: Tycoon says he'd fine 'cunning' Mexico $100,000 for every illegal immigrant who crosses border in order to 'take back our country'

Trump takes his incendiary immigration views to the GOP faithful: Tycoon tells thousands

The Republican front-runner made a duet of speeches in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Phoenix, Arizona, Saturday, keeping up the barrage of anti-immigrant rhetoric aimed at the Mexican government, which he claims is flooding the United States with murderers and rapists. Towards the end of his hour-long, unscripted speech in Pheonix, the second of the two, Trump suggested that illegal immigration is a deliberate strategy by Mexican officials, who are 'intelligently' sending away criminals so that they don't have to pay to keep them in jail. As a response to the alleged plan, Trump said that if he were elected president he would send the Mexican government a $100,000 bill for every illegal immigrant who made it across the southern border. To underscore his point about the impact of immigration, Trump called on stage Jamiel Shaw (left with Trump in Las Vegas), whose 17-year-old son was shot dead by an undocumented gangster in Los Angeles - and said that if the country had proper border controls the boy would still be alive.

EXCLUSIVE - Glenn Beck launches outspoken attack on Caitlyn Jenner: Controversial radio host tells the world 'Don't tell me to start calling him a woman'

Glenn Beck refuses to call Caitlyn Jenner a woman at FredomFest

Speaking at FreedomFest in Las Vegas, the 51-year-old radio host (pictured, left, in February) said that he would not want to be Caitlyn Jenner (right, on June 29) because 'people are going to say nasty things about him because he's a dude'. He also refused to call the star a woman - and repeatedly referred to her as 'Bruce'. Beck's comments are in sharp contrast to the wave of public support - including a message from President Obama - that Miss Jenner has experienced since her transformation into a woman. Miss Jenner, 65, announced that she had assumed her new identity on the cover of the July edition of Vanity Fair, which had the headline: 'Call me Caitlyn'.

New Reddit CEO tries to win over users in midst of scandal that saw popular employee fired and ex-boss Ellen Pao forced out during 'revolt' staged by unpaid moderators

Steve Huffman, who is returning to the content sharing site he founded in 2005, reassured the online community of his vision during an AMA forum, but insisted Pao was not a 'scapegoat.'

Six teens 'murdered New Mexico father on his driveway as they roamed the neighborhood breaking into cars and burglarizing homes'

Albuquerque officers found bartender Steve Gerecke dead in his driveway. The teens range in age from 14 to 17 years old and they were arrested on Thursday. Teens will be charged as juveniles and as adults.

Police left baffled by grenade-like explosion that threw beachgoer against rocks as they rule out explosives and foul play. So what exactly DID cause it then?

Rhode Island woman hurt in mystery beach explosion

The mysterious blast, which occurred at Salty Brine Beach on Rhode Island at around 11.15am, threw a 50-year-old woman several feet into the air off the sand and onto a pile of rocks, officials said. She was rushed to South County Hospital. Her current condition remains unknown. The Department of Environmental Management has sent a bomb technician from the state fire marshal's office to the scene. However, the cause of the explosion is not yet clear. The department says the blast apparently came from under the sand. An investigation is ongoing.

Greece euro exit looms: European finance ministers turn the screws on Greece for 'destroying trust' - as bailout talks break up without agreement

The Berlin delegate in the European Parliament are said to be unsatisfied by proposals put forward by Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras (pictured) as he desperately tries to reach a fresh bailout deal.

Unarmed man dies after being pepper sprayed because he 'resisted arrest' 

Anthony Dewayne Ware (pictured), 35, of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, was pepper sprayed by police on Friday after resisting arrest. None of the six officers involved have been put on leave.

Meet Tavi Gevinson: The world's most influential teenager on fashion, feminism and getting sound advice from her A-list friends

TAVI GEVINSON: world’s most influential teenager on fashion, feminism and getting sound

At the tender age of 11, when most preteens have yet to develop any sort of style savvy, Tavi Gevinson, from Oak Park, Illinois, was already devoted to edgy high-fashion magazines including Lula, i-D and Dazed & Confused. Tavi (who, like Madonna, goes by a single moniker) has proven that her precociousness was no flash in the pan, as she has matured into a true multi-hyphenate phenomenon - journalist-editor-actress - packing more into her teens than even the most industrious often manage in a lifetime.

Chris Christie goes to billionaire summer camp: New Jersey governor hugs his wealthy friends at Sun Valley summit for the world's top tycoons

Dressed in extremely high-waisted slacks and a casual fleece, the New Jersey governor guffawed as he hugged and chatted with tech titans at the annual conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, on Saturday.

Dating website founder, 47, accused of urinating on his wife and then attacking her after she refused to perform sexual acts

My Top Matchmaker founder Darrell Boulby is facing felony kidnapping and aggravated assault charges after the Friday incident in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is accused of restraining his wife for more than an hour.

Look, no hands! Unstoppable Williams wins the 'Serena Slam' after brushing aside 21-year-old Spaniard to clinch sixth Wimbledon title

Serena Williams beats Garbine Muguruza to win her 6th Wimbledon title

Serena Williams took the Wimbledon championship in her stride this afternoon, defeating Garbine Muguruza in straight sets. The 33-year-old, now the oldest ever female champion, put on a jovial display as she made her way back to her locker room, balancing the Championship Plate on her head (left) as she left Centre Court. Her 21-year-old opponent on the other hand wiped tears from her face as she collected her runner up trophy (inset). It was the Spanish underdog's first Grand Slam final after crashing out of last year's tournament in the first round. Williams is now one step away from landing a calendar Grand Slam in the US Open later this year, already holding the title for the French and Australian Open.

Roger Federer's formula for final? Renting TWO houses to avoid being disturbed by his young family 

NEW Roger Federer has gone to extraordinary lengths to get a good night's sleep before today's Wimbledon final - renting TWO houses to avoid being woken by his young family.

Why don't Wimbledon TWIGS at least do some knitting? writes LIZ JONES

NEW Mrs Murray and Mrs Federer are entirely interchangeable. Pantene hair. Huge, bug-eyed sunnies. Gritted, perfect teeth. Huge rocks on fingers, writes LIZ JONES.

How doctor dubbed 'the worst fraudster in American history' was turned in by his employee: Office manager told Feds his boss was falsely diagnosing cancer and forcing patients into bankruptcy with chemo

Dr Farid Fata dubbed a fraudster was turned in by office manager George Karadsheh

An office manager has described how he came to expose his doctor employer who netted millions of dollars by putting more than 500 patients through unnecessary and grueling cancer treatments and then billing insurers. George Karadsheh said he was suspicious at the frequent rate of resignations at Dr Farid Fata's Crittenton Cancer Center in suburban Detroit. He probed a number of outgoing medics, who told him they suspected chemotherapy was being given to patients who had not been diagnosed with cancer. He took the case to the Justice Department in 2013, and Fata (left) was arrested. On Friday, prosecutor Barbara McQuade slammed Fata as 'the most egregious fraudster in the history of this country' as he was jailed for 45 years.

Kim Jong-un is so paranoid of poisoning he asks scientists to use a microscope to check every leaf of LETTUCE he eats

The 'highest authorities' in the secretive North Korean state now closely check all vegetables grown in Kim Jong-un's Pyongyang farm over his fears of germs and that he might be poisoned by enemies.

'We want to find out who shot down the plane': Families of MH17 victims demand justice as they attend emotional service ahead of first anniversary of the disaster

Relatives of those who lost their lives in the disaster used the remembrance service at Kuala Lumpur airport to express their continued frustrations over the handling of the tragedy.

NYC's most expensive rental home: It overlooks Central Park, includes a chauffer and a butler for $500,000 a MONTH - but high-speed Wifi costs extra

New York City's most expensive apartment costs $500,000 a MONTH

The entire 39th floor of the five-star Pierre Hotel on 61st Street in Manhattan is on the market for $500,000 a month. The six-suite rental is double the price of the second-most expensive rental in city with about 5,000 square feet of space. The six-bedroom, six-and-a-half bathroom luxury rental includes the 1,980-square-foot Tata Presidential Suite. Guests must rent the space for at least a month and it features Murano glass chandeliers and Turkish marble bathrooms. Even though the apartment would cost $6million - $25,000 a night - to rent for a year, someone actually did it.

Second terror attack on tourists in Tunisia foiled: Five Islamic extremists shot dead as thousands of holidaymakers are evacuated

ISIS foiled in Tunisia as 5 extremists shot dead and British tourists are evacuated

Five Islamic extremists on the verge of carrying out another terrorist attack on holidaymakers in Tunisia were yesterday shot dead as thousands of tourists were flown home. Security forces tracked down eight ISIS suspects believed to be about to launch another bloodthirsty attack on tourists, with five of the militants killed near the town of El Ktar. The three others escaped and are still on the run. The alert comes as 3,000 Britons are evacuated from the north African country, which is still reeling from the massacre in Sousse (soldiers guarding the beach pictured) which saw 38 holidaymakers - 30 British - slaughtered by an ISIS gunman.

One killed, four injured in car bomb blast outside Italian consulate in Cairo

One person has been killed and four injured in a massive explosion in Cairo, Egypt that hit the Italian consulate located in the city centre, which is understood to have been caused by a car bomb.

Top ISIS leader in Afghanistan and Pakistan 'killed by US drone strike'

Hafiz Saeed Khan and more than 30 other insurgents were believed to have been killed on Friday in the Nangarhar province, Afghan officials said.

When's it your turn, Paris? Awkward moment Hilton heiress has her arm gripped by guest at sister's billion-dollar wedding

Paris Hilton has her arm gripped by sister Nicky's wedding guest

EXCLUSIVE: Just days after Paris Hilton publicly gushed that she and boyfriend Thomas Gross are 'soulmates', it looks as though she's facing awkward questions, pictured, after her younger sister's wedding. Paris, 34, watched Nicky Hilton, 31, walk down the aisle with James Rothschild, 31, at a lavish ceremony in Kensington Palace yesterday. And in exclusive pictures from the post-wedding luncheon today, Paris, wearing sunglasses and a blue and black-lace dress, looks to be caught in an intense conversation.

And after the wedding came the party! Glamorous Nicky Hilton sparkles her way back to the hotel with husband James Rothschild after star-studded Kensington Palace reception

Nicky Hilton showed off her new wedding ring and a sparkly outfit change as she returned home to her hotel alongside husband James Rothschild after a night of partying at their wedding reception.

Behind-the-scenes of a billionaire wedding: Paris Hilton shares candid shots of preparation for sister Nicky's big day 

In a series of candid Instagram snaps, the 34-year-old gave a glimpse into her sister Nicky's lavish wedding to James Rothschild, which took place on Friday evening in London.

Empire State Building fights to ban photographer over his 'dangerous' X-rated photo shoots of topless models cavorting in front of stunned tourists

Empire State Building wants to ban 'boobs around town' photographer

As one of the world's tallest skyscrapers, the Empire State Building offers spectacular, unspoiled views of New York's famous skyline. But when a controversial photographer staged a photo shoot with a topless woman surrounded by unaware tourists, officials were outraged, and they are now looking to ban him from the Big Apple building. Allen Henson first captured the scantily-clad women on the observation deck as part of his 'boobs around town project' - taking pictures of half-naked women in public places. In June he put another casting call on Instagram, asking for a 'model who isn't afraid of heights', prompting concern with the building's attorney. Last year, the Empire State Building sued Henson for $1.1 million over the stunt, the New York Post reported, and the case is still pending.

NAACP ends its 15-year boycott of South Carolina after the state takes down Confederate flag from capitol grounds

The NAACP passed an emergency resolution on Saturday ending its 15-year economic boycott of South Carolina. The measure was approved at its national convention in Philadelphia.

'Can't get enough of that wonderful Duff': Homer Simpson's favorite beer hits the shelves

21st Century Fox's official branded premium lager will initially launch in Chile, as the company has plans to roll it out to other places in South America and Europe by early next year.

Fearless fan jumps into chilly waters of San Francisco Bay to retrieve home run ball

A San Francisco Giants fan dove for the homer in McCovey Cove at AT&T; Park. The fan got the ball and then got fished out of the chilly water behind the ballpark by staff members.

Wife reveals horror of husband dying during TWO WEEK California desert ordeal after car got stuck against a rock - leaving them with just eight pounds of oranges and a butter cream pie

Dianna Bedwell stranded in California desert prepared to die with husband

A woman stranded in her car for two weeks in the Southern California desert in May said she forgave her husband for making a wrong turn and was prepared to die with him. Dianna Bedwell (pictured left and top inset with her husband) was found severely dehydrated May 24 on a dirt road near a Boy Scout camp some 65 northeast of San Diego and hospitalized. She and her husband Cecil 'Paul' Knutson (pictured top right inset) were heading from a casino to a son's home near for a Mother's Day dinner when he took a wrong turn. When Knutson tried to turn around, the car got stuck on a rock. The two survived on rainwater, a butter cream pie and 8 pounds of oranges. Knutson died of a heart attack caused by narrowing of blood vessels.

Man and his dog rescued by U.S. Coast Guard after sailboat was adrift at sea for three days with no food or water 

The unidentified man and his small dog were rescued by crew members on Friday afternoon after his 30ft sailboat caught fire 69 miles west of Hudson, Florida.

Shocking moment Serbian Prime Minister is forced to flee memorial for 20th anniversary of Srebrenica massacre after being STONED by angry Bosnian Muslim mob 

Serbian prime minister Aleksandar Vucic, once an ultra-nationalist, was chased away by an angry mob as he arrived at the event, with dozens of protesters pelting him with stones and bottles.

Miami police officer who 'moonlights as a porn star' under investigation after her secret career was exposed

Sabine Raymonvil, 30, performed in a number of adult movies with pornographer Emerson Callum, who was convicted of drugging and raping women who auditioned for him.

US professional body for psychologists took part in and covered up CIA torture, report claims

The scathing 542-page investigation, published on Friday, concludes the agency deliberately constructed loose ethics guidelines which provided a smoke screen for interrogators.

Distressed bear cub abandoned on a Tennessee riverbank saves itself by jumping onto river guide's raft

Bear cub who was seen struggling near a Tennessee river rescued

A five-month-old, 14lb American black bear was picked up by Danny Allen of High Mountain Expeditions on the side of the Nolichucky River near Erwin, Tennessee, on Thursday. Noli Bear - named after the river she was rescued from, had been seen struggling on the side of the river for days before she jumped into Allen's raft. She was taken by Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency to the Appalachian Bear Rescue in Townsend, which has returned orphaned, injured or medically in-need bears to the wild since 1996.

Why do you always get ill on vacation? Experts reveal ten reasons for feeling below par on your travels and how you can stop poor health from sabotaging this year's break

From day to day, you rarely develop a sniffle - but the moment you down tools for a much needed break, along comes a crushing migraine, chest infection or a heavy cold. Sound familiar?

Obama will visit a federal prison next week for a documentary on crime - making him the first sitting president to visit a jail

Obama will visit an Oklahoma federal prison next week, continuing his focus on the criminal justice system. His visit to El Reno near Oklahoma City, will be a first by a sitting president.


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Harry the tusk warrior: War veteran Prince is back in the front line - fighting ivory poachers with helicopter team over Namibian national park 

Prince Harry back in the front line fighting ivory poachers over Namibia

Prince Harry (pictured in the Namibian bush, right) has placed himself at the front line of a war against the illegal trade in rhino horn. He rides with a helicopter team swooping over Northern Namibia's national park. The work to locate rhinos and carefully remove part of their horns to deter poachers. Harry is a member of the team working with wildlife vet Dr Peter Morkel (centre, bottom) in Namibia's national park. The team sleep in roof tents on the top of their vehicles, parked in a circle around the fire, to reduce the risk from scorpions, snakes, or being trampled by bigger beasts in the night (top centre). The Prince is determined to raise awareness of a crisis which is robbing Southern Africa of thousands of black rhino (left) each year.

Man killed trying to rob ex-CNN anchor was 'street slave' who was given drugs to commit crimes claim police as they charge his 'owner' with HIS murder

Tomorio Walton, the man who was killed as he tried to rob a former CNN anchor at gunpoint in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is now being described as a 'street slave.'

50 Cent ordered to pay $5M to mother of Rick Ross' child after he posted sex tape of her online without permission in bid to humiliate his rap rival

The Get Rich or Die Tryin' star was made to pay Florida mom Lastonia Leviston after he acquired a video she made with her boyfriend, added himself as a crude commentator and then posted it online.

Now that's stage-diving! Musicians make waves at underwater concert in the Florida Keys

Snorkelers and divers ducked beneath the waves Saturday as a radio station broadcast a concert underwater at the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

Gay couple release video which shows them being DENIED a marriage license days after Supreme Court ruling by a court clerk who is already being sued for similar refusals 

David Moore and David Ermold of Kentucky, were turned away when they tried to obtain a marriage license. In a video, an employee can be seen telling the couple to go somewhere else.

The $1million slippers: Wizard of Oz superfan offers huge reward for return of those iconic ruby shoes worn by Judy Garland on 10th anniversary of their theft

Wizard of Oz fan offers $1m for return of red shoes worn by Judy Garland

The iconic red shoes (right) were stolen from a museum in Garland's Minnesota hometown of Grand Rapids. An anonymous donor is offering the reward ahead of the ten-year anniversary of the theft. The donor is from Arizona and is a huge fan of Garland and the 1939 movie (left). The slippers were insured for $1million and could be worth between $2 and $3million by now.

Can YOU hear wind farms? Researchers prove human hearing is better than thought and 'turbine phenomenon' is real

The project, by the German National Metrology Institute, found humans hear sounds from around 8 hertz on - a whole octave lower than had previously been assumed.

The comb worth $120MILLION: Product branded 'hare-brained' by investors is now sold in 70 countries and boasts celebrity fans including Victoria Beckham

It is the biggest company ever to have passed through the Dragon's Den doors with a bigger turnover than Levi Roots Reggae Reggae Sauce - but Shaun Pulfrey was turned away.

Brace yourselves! Southern China virtually shut down as TWO consecutive typhoons strike in a matter of days

Nearly 60,000 people have been evacuated from Chinese coastal areas as the two typhoons moved in. Inner city bus services, schools, airports, schools and fish farms have been shut down.

White Mississippi cop stands accused of choking unarmed black man to death with a flashlight

Father-of-two Jonathan Sanders suffered 'asphyxiation' during an altercation with Kevin Harrington in the small town of Stonewall, around 100 miles east of Jackson, on Wednesday night.

Battery charges filed against ANOTHER FSU player for hitting a woman outside a bar... days after video of his teammate punching a coed came out

A Florida prosecutor plans to issue a warrant for the arrest of FSU running back Dalvin Cook, 19, on a charge of misdemeanor battery in connection to the alleged June 23 beating of a 21-year-old woman.

'Yes my hands are full! Sometimes with two glasses of wine': Mummy blogger attaches hilarious sign to her twins after growing fed up with strangers' parenting advice

Annie Nolan attaches  sign to her twins after growing fed up with strangers

Young mum Annie Nolan, from Melbourne, has come up with a very cheeky way to fend off the inquiries about her twin daughters- attaching a sign to them with answers to the most common. The 26-year-old blogger, who is bombarded with questions that range from the ordinary to the inappropriate on a daily basis, decided to write the answers to her 'frequently asked questions' on signs for her twin girls Delphine and Cheska to hold. Annie, who is also mum to four-year-old Malachy, took a snap of her two girls in their prams holding the signs and uploaded them to her blog's Facebook page- and couldn't have imagined the overwhelming response she would get from parents of twins all around the world.

Enthusiasm for fitness trackers drops as people stop using the devices to monitor their workouts - but sales of Fitbit remain high

Sales of Fitbit and other fitness trackers are strong, but many of their owners say they lose enthusiasm for them once the novelty of knowing how many steps they've taken wears off.

More than 280,000 people ask Google for the right to be forgotten and request more than a MILLION pages are wiped from the search engine's results

Requests have flooded in across Europe since the law came into effect last spring - some of them from killers, rapists and terrorists who want to use the European law to hide their criminal pasts.

Hillary to share in $60 MILLION cash bonanza from pro-abortion campaigners as they launch massive effort to turn Washington female and pro-choice

Hillary Clinton has a secret fundraising weapon in the 2016 election could significantly boost her numbers, and it's not her husband, former president Bill Clinton. It's pro-choice group EMILY's List.

It's not wise to upset a Wookie, even a pink one! Costumed fans of Star Wars join geeks from across the galaxy at Comic-Con

Star Wars fans join geeks from across the galaxy at Comic-Con in San Diego

Sci-fi characters were out in force in San Diego on Saturday for this year's Comic Con. More than 130,000 fans are expected to attend the convention during the next few days for autograph signings, TV and film presentations, toy shopping and most importantly to dress up in costumes. This year's costumes were as eclectic as usual - yet perhaps even more androgynous. 

Audi drives reverse down Laurel Canyon Boulevard in Hollywood in dramatic video

An Audi with dealer plates was filmed driving backwards on Mulholland Drive, Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard in California. The driver could be charged, according to police.

Wine and design: The quirky boutique vineyard in Chile that offers guests art among the vines

Tease the senses with a trip to Chile where fine wine and eclectic art meet. Viña Vik Hotel offers one-off designer suites and a vineyard with ambitions to produce the country's best wine.

Miss America leads group of beauty queens posting stunning 'no make-up' selfies in support of pageant winner who was shamed online after going bare-faced in a photo 

After a stranger made a nasty observation about how she looked with no make-up on, Isabella Gaines from North Carolina encouraged her pageant friends to share their own photos.

Pope praises the girl power of Paraguay: Francis hails 'women, wives and mothers' for rebuilding their nation from the ashes of 19th century war which nearly decimated male population

Thousands of Argentines crossed the border to the town of Caacupe to see their native pontiff as he neared the end of a three-country 'homecoming' tour of South America on Saturday.

Moment woman frantically chases cyclist down the street in vain after he brazenly swiped her phone out of her hands in NYC

Woman chases cyclist down New York City road after he stole her phone

The woman was looking down at her Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as she strolled across a street in Manhattan, New York City, on Wednesday when a man on a bicycle approached her. As he zipped past the pedestrian, the man brazenly swiped the phone out of her hands (left) and began pedaling away. The shocked woman pulled off her jacket hood and stood still for a second. But then, seemingly having decided to not give up her beloved device without a fight, she gave chase to the cyclist (top right). Footage shows her sprinting down the middle of the road, into traffic, in a blue skirt and sandals (bottom right). Despite the woman's efforts, the phone thief got away and her Galaxy Note 4 remains missing, police said.

Immigration officials slam sheriff who released Mexican immigrant accused of murdering woman on San Francisco Pier, saying he doesn't understand the law

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said Ross Mirkarimi (pictured), who released Francisco Sanchez, is ignorant of the law and should've handed over Francisco Sanchez.

Barcelona residents say tourism is a bigger problem than poverty as new mayor ramps up efforts to introduce a cap on visitors

In a poll conducted by Barcelona's city hall, 5.3 per cent of respondents said tourism is the biggest problem facing the city - ranking ahead of poverty, which was named by 5.1 per cent of those polled.

The freezing needles that turn prostate cancer into ice cubes: Treatment that destroys tumours being offered to men as alternative to surgery

Doctors hope the highly accurate technique may help spare more patients from risks associated with full surgical excision of the gland - such as incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

In sickness and in health: Touching moment terminal cancer patient weds his long time beau from his hospital bed

Terminal cancer patient Keith Borum weds long time girlfriend from NY hospital bed

Keith Borum and Nina Scott from Lake Ronkonkoma tied the knot in a tear-jerking ceremony at his bedside yesterday at the Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip, New York. The couple who have been together for three years wore protective blue medical gowns over their wedding outfits to protect Borum against infection. The minister also had on the medical gown.

Florida man wanted for attempted murder after 'punching, kicking and biting' 11-month-old baby boy

Glen Franklin Jr. is wanted on an attempted murder charge, police said. The boy is suffering from a severe head injury with bleeding in the brain and is in serious condition.

Philae phones home: Lander finally makes contact after two weeks of silence 

Embargoed to 0001 Monday July 6
Undated handout photo issued by the European Space Agency of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko at a distance of 285 km, as comet lander Philae may be sitting on an object teeming with alien microbial life, according to two leading astronomers. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Monday July 6, 2015. Distinct features of the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, such as its organic-rich black crust, are best explained by the presence of living organisms beneath an icy surface, they claim. See PA story SCIENCE Comet. Photo credit should read: ESA/PA Wire
NOTE TO EDITORS: This handout photo may only be used in for editorial reporting purposes for the contemporaneous illustration of events, things or the people in the image or facts mentioned in the caption. Reuse of the picture may require further permission from the copyright holder.

The signals are a major boost to the team as they try to establish a secure
line of communication for their historic scientific experiments
on the surface of the comet.

Sikh deliveryman WINS right to wear turban and uncut beard at Walt Disney World

Disney issued letter in June saying Gurdit Singh would be granted a religious accommodation from the company's strict grooming guidelines, known as 'the Disney Look.'

Couple charged with sodomy and incest after they 'forced two young children to perform sexual acts'

Amber Cartwright, 24, and Zachary Burns, 23, of Alabama, were arrested after the woman's two young children told a relative about the alleged sexual abuse.

Hero firefighter who underwent 19 surgeries for 70% burns after crashing through roof into housefire is cheered as he makes first public appearance since accident three month ago

Hero firefighter who underwent 19 surgeries for 70% burns after crashing through roof into

A Fresno Fire Department captain made his first public appearance since falling through a roof while fighting a house fire more than three months ago. Capt. Pete Dern was greeted with applause as he walked to a news conference held outside the Leon S. Peters Burn Center at Community Regional Medical Center in downtown Fresno (left). Hospital officials said the 49-year-old father has undergone 19 surgeries and over 50 dressing changes for his burn injuries. Dern suffered 2nd- and 3rd- degree burns on over 70% of his body after the roof of a garage engulfed in flames crumbled at his feet on March 29 (top right). More surgeries will be needed for his burn wounds, but the 25-year fire department veteran could be in a rehabilitation setting in the next several weeks.

Bizarre moment man captures footage of his cat using the toilet to take a leak while she's perched on the edge of the seat

Man secretly captures his cat using the toilet to take a leak in video

The comical scene caught on camera by the baffled owner shows the cat walk up to the toilet bowl, look inside the bowl then let out a meow. With her bottom positioned over the toilet bowl, the sound of the cat using the facility to take a leak can be heard on the footage.

'I'm not a victim': Disabled man with the same brain condition as Rain Man shares inspiring story about how he overcame society's stereotypes to lead a 'normal life' 

An unnamed man featured on photography blog Humans of New York has inspired readers with his story about beating the odds and living a 'normal life' with agenesis of the corpus callosum.

Noteworthy dedication: Man quits 9 to 5 job to travel the world with his dog, Brando, and his PIANO, which he plays for people along the way

Five years later and the adventurous duo have visited over 300 cities in 21 countries, sharing his love of music with people from the US, Mexico, Canada and Europe.

Brothers reveal that BOTH their wives are pregnant in adorable 'Shut Up and Dance' parody music video 

Jon and Aaron Murray reveal BOTH their wives are pregnant in video

Jon and Aaron Murray are both expecting babies within two weeks of each other this December and January. They shared the news with family and friends in the video with wives Danielle and Liz and appearances from their five combined kids. Jon and Danielle and expecting baby number four and Liz and Aaron are pregnant with their second. Jon said one of the main motivator's for the video was to celebrate how exciting it is to find out you're expecting - even when it's your fourth child.



Shocking moment brazen robbers use stolen BACKHOE to rip loose bank ATM

Florida robbers use stolen BACKHOE to rip loose CenterState Bank ATM

Francisco Hernandez, 54, and Jesus Antonio Sanchez, 50, were arrested after a surveillance camera captured them allegedly tearing down the structure at a CenterState Bank branch in Winter Haven, Florida. Police say they had stolen the vehicle from a construction site nearby and drove it to the area just after midnight on Friday. They tried to flee the scene, but were caught a short time later during a traffic stop. The suspects told officers  they were gathering scrap metal and could not remember where they gathered the items found by the deputy.

Say cheese! Japan's Mount Fuji gets Wi-Fi so hikers can check weather information and tourists can upload selfies faster

Japan's tallest peak Mount Fuji will receive eight Wi-Fi hotspots, including at the summit, to provide free wireless internet access to visitors from the end of this summer.

Do not look into the eyes! Sculpture proves that people cannot resist a bit of temptation and squirts them with water when they stare

Norwegian artist Erik Pirolt sculptured the head of a man, placed it behind a viewing glass and attached a sign to it warning people not to look at it in the eyes. But who can resist temptation?

Finally! Minibar snacks and drinks in Chicago's new Virgin Hotel are the SAME PRICE as you pay shops

The Chicago Virgin Hotel is so serious about keeping minibar prices low, its staff went out with pen and paper to record the street prices of all items on sale.

Shark-CANO! Sharks are filmed swimming inside the crater of an active volcano 150ft underwater

The video (grab pictured) was recorded by ocean engineer Brennan Phillips and a team of researchers in and around the active underwater volcano Kavachi, near the Solomon Islands.

Who run the world? Taylor Swift lifts the FIFA Women's World Cup trophy as the victorious US football team celebrate with her on stage in New Jersey

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - JULY 10:  Singer/songwriter Taylor Swift performs onstage with model Heidi Klum and the U.S. Women's World Cup champions during The 1989 World Tour Live at MetLife Stadium on July 10, 2015 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Larry Busacca/LP5/Getty Images for TAS)

The pop singer continued her reign of female world domination on Friday night when she invited the US women's football team up on stage with her in New Jersey to celebrate their FIFA World Cup win.

It's a tough job but someone's got to do it! Girl lures tourists by wearing revealing mermaid costume in sub-zero temperatures

An unnamed girl has braved the cold as she exposed herself to elements of -10 degrees Celsius in a shimmering blue mermaid costume to promote an ice festival in China.

The fur is really flying! Brave moggie's astounding 100ft leap from tree to escape big cat predator above the African savannah

Cat's 100ft leap from tree to escape big cat predator above African savannah

The desperate wild cat had already climbed to the top branches of a tree to escape the approaching caracal, or desert lynx, in the African savannah, but it was then forced to leap from the tree to save its life. The feline launched itself into empty space, and amazingly landed unscathed on the ground 100ft below, because racing off to complete its unlikely escape. The extraordinary pictures were captured by photographer Tiaan Steynberg in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, on the border of South Africa and Botswana.