Love ALL: At the world's best hotels for playing tennis you can keep Wimbledon fever alive

Keep Wimbledon fever alive with these top hotels for tennis

These are some of the top destinations for tennis players of all levels to bask in the expertise of legendary coaches or to just enjoy a leisurely volley during stay. Guests can challenge their opponent in the shadow of the Iguazu Falls (middle) on the Brazil-Argentina border or play on courts owned and designed by Andy Murray himself (bottom right) at the hotel he owns near his hometown. Players can smash serves while enjoying breathtaking views of the Alps at Gstaad Palace in Switzerland (top left) and Vitalhotel Wolfgangsee (top right) in Austria. For those who are looking to truly get away from it all, guests at Carlisle Bay (bottom left), on the Caribbean island of Antigua, can bury their toes in white sand or take a dip in turquoise water when they're not on the courts.

Access all areas: The mindblowing 360-degree photographs of Britain's best-loved landscapes and historic attractions

VisitBritain launches 360 degree tours of UK's best loved landscapes

Immersive 360 degree tours let viewers discover and explore Conwyn Castle, Chatsworth House, Durdle Door and Portmeirion among other top UK treasures, in all their glory. The stunning experiences have been created by 360 photo specialist Rod Edwards , who used an automated digital camera with a panoramic tripod head and special fish eye lens to shoot the individual images.

Holidaymaker banned from morning flight and escorted out of Manchester Airport for being too drunk to fly

Police were called at 10:30am to remove the man after he knocked over a display in a duty free shop, and Virgin Atlantic staff refused to allow him onto the plane due to his state of intoxication.

EasyJet flight from Newcastle to Spain is forced to make unscheduled landing in Paris because it almost ran out of WATER

EasyJet said the Alicante-bound flight landed as a precaution at Charles de Gaulle Airport, where its tanks were topped up. The Airbus A319 arrived in Spain about two hours behind schedule.

Barcelona residents say tourism is a bigger problem than poverty as new mayor ramps up efforts to introduce a cap on visitors

In a poll conducted by Barcelona's city hall, 5.3 per cent of respondents said tourism is the biggest problem facing the city - ranking ahead of poverty, which was named by 5.1 per cent of those polled.

'Look out for secret cave parties': Kiss FM DJ Charlie Hedges' insider tips on the best places to drink, dine and unwind in Ibiza

Ibiza aficionado and party expert, Kiss FM Breakfast presenter Charlie Hedges, exclusively reveals her insider's tips to make the most of your White Isle stay.

With award-winning spas for the adults and fun-fuelled clubs for the children... could a relaxing trip to Croatia save your marriage?

It can be difficult to cater for the entire family on holiday but Croatia may just be the ticket. Dubrovnik boasts kids clubs with highly qualified staff, beautiful weather and pools and family activities.

The place where street lights, signs and wifi don't exist! Untamed Lundy Island is a jewel in the crown of The Landmark Trust

The Landmark Trust purchased the lease for Lundy Island in 1969 and ensured that its untamed character was maintained in accordance to the wishes of charity founder Sir John Smith.

Wine and design: The quirky boutique vineyard in Chile that offers guests art among the vines

Chile's quirky Viña Vik boutique vineyard offering art and wine tasters

Tease the senses with a trip to Chile where fine wine and eclectic art meet. Viña Vik Hotel offers one-off designer suites and a vineyard with ambitions to produce the country's best wine within the next 10 years.

Passenger's fury after being hit with travel website's 'hidden' £80 service fee that doubled price of return flights

A holidaymaker says he thought he was booking a cheap flight with, but was shocked when two tickets cost £146.65 - more than double the original price quoted at £65.40.

Know the dress code, avoid quiet streets and join a walking tour or cooking class to make friends: Infographic reveals handy do's and don'ts for solo female travellers

Whether travelling for business or pleasure, it's still wise to take certain precautions before jetting off - and after you've arrived - in order to ensure you feel as safe and secure as possible.

Caught on camera: Lucky seal escapes jaws of great white shark in frenzied attack that unfolded so close to holidaymakers they were splashed with water

Holidaymakers screamed and cheered as the cape fur seal leaped out of the water to avoid the massive shark in a life-or-death struggle off the coast of Gansbaai, South Africa.

Warning for British tourists as biker gangs in Barcelona target holidaymakers by slashing tyres, towing car to a garage and demanding £1,000 for repairs

The con artists are pulling a fast one on foreigners by slashing a car's tyre, pointing it out as a 'blown out tyre' and then having their cohorts arrive to tow the car to a nearby garage that is in on the ruse.

Say cheese! Japan's Mount Fuji gets Wi-Fi so hikers can check weather information and tourists can upload selfies faster

Japan's tallest peak Mount Fuji will receive eight Wi-Fi hotspots this summer, as part of a tourism push to encourage visitors to the mountain to post pictures and experiences on social media.

What happened to the spirit of exploration? UK adults have only visited 5% of the world's countries with the least visited places including Greenland, Chile and Fiji

The research reveals that the average UK adult has travelled to just ten countries, with the majority of these being Europe destinations with the most visited countries being France and Spain.

Noteworthy dedication: Man quits 9 to 5 job to travel the world with his dog, Brando, and his PIANO, which he plays for people along the way

Dotan Negrin quits 9 to 5 job to travel the world with dog, Brando and his PIANO

Five years later and the adventurous duo have visited over 300 cities in 21 countries, sharing his love of music with people from the US, Mexico, Canada and Europe. The journey began back in 2010, when New-York based Negrin quit his day job and took to the road in pursuit of a new life.

Live like a Legend! Four Seasons launches $120,000 private jet tour that allows travellers to holiday like John Legend (but Chrissy Teigen is not your travel companion)

The $120,000 (£78,000) tour will include private jet trips to Napa, London, Paris, New York, Milan and Lake Como with an intimate John Legend concert performance and vineyard tours.

Finally! Minibar snacks and drinks in Chicago's new Virgin Hotel are the SAME PRICE as you pay at shops

The Chicago Virgin Hotel is so serious about keeping minibar prices low, its staff went out with pen and paper to record the street prices of all items on sale.

British Airways set to take over Aer Lingus after Ryanair accepted a £1billion offer for its stake in the airline 

Ryanair has accepted an offer for its 29.8 per cent stake in Aer Lingus today, paving the way for British Airways IAG to take over the Irish operator.

How typical! Incredible footage captures vulnerable crab moulting its shell... only for sting ray to swoop in and swallow it whole

A crab met a sticky end moments after moulting its shell when it was devoured by a sting ray. The rare sight was caught on camera by a diver exploring the seabed of Port Phillip, Australia.

Actress Michelle Keegan voted dream celebrity travel partner... but holidaying Brits would rather leave Kanye behind

A new survey has found Michelle Keegan to be the celebrity that British holidaymakers would most like to travel with, receiving 26% of the vote. On the other hand, Kanye was named worst travel mate.

Thought economy class couldn't get any worse? The horrifying hexagonal seating that means you FACE other passengers

A patent has just been filed by Zodiac Seats for a new 'Economy Class Cabin Hexagon' which consists of alternating forward and backward facing seats.

King of the jungle is BACK! Lions are reintroduced into the wild in Rwanda following extinction during genocidal war 15 years ago

Lions are reintroduced into the wild in Rwanda following extinction during genocidal war

A luxury safari company is behind a ground-breaking project, which saw five lionesses being moved to the Akagera National Park (left and bottom right). They joined two male lions, donated from another African reserve, in a temporary 10,8000-square foot enclosure, which will allow the newly-created pride to adjust slowly the environment. Top right image shows one of the lionesses at her original home at the Phinda Private Game Reserve, before her journey to the Rowanda.

German drivers named the best in Europe by British holidaymakers... and Italian motorists are rated the worst

More than 2,000 Britons were polled, with 32 per cent saying they admire German motorists' ability to to abide by the rules of the road. A third said they feel Italian drivers are most likely to break the rules.

Terrifying video captures planes tilting sideways and bouncing off the tarmac as pilots battle strong crosswinds while coming in to land at Birmingham Airport

Crosswinds at Birmingham Airport have resulted in a number of heart-pounding landings in recent years and a compilation video posted online captures some of the most terrifying.

Revealed: The Bible, Game of Thrones and Grey are the books most frequently left behind on flights

According to a recent study from British Airways, over 500 books and 1,400 kindles are left on board their flights every single year. The most popular discarded titles are Game of Thrones and Grey.

Extreme Catholic group urges beaches to be 'segregated by sex' in northern Spain so 'sins of the flesh' are avoided

In northern Spain, a Catholic group by the name of Pedro Menéndez de Avilés has posted an image to their Facebook page urging beaches to be segregated so 'sins of the flesh' are avoided.

Passenger's fury after being charged £20 to retrieve his laptop from lost and found at Edinburgh Airport

The passenger says he was shocked that he had to pay a fee and felt as though he was being 'extorted' by Luggage Point, which is contracted to run Edinburgh Airport's lost and found service.

BASE jumping into paradise and hanging from a helicopter! The best things to do on holiday (and there isn't a sunbed in sight)

The best things to do on holiday including BASE jumping and helicopter rides

With summer upon us and holidays on the horizon here are some amazing ideas that will ensure you have a fun-filled break wherever you go. Captured in a compilation video is a man BASE jumping into paradise (top left), a thrill-seeker flipping into water from a bridge (top right), a man hoverboarding (bottom left), people hanging from a helicopter (bottom right) and a group of women diving into water (middle).

Return of the pier: Three of the UK's most iconic attractions have now been purchased... with Victorian landmark Llandudno fetching £4.5MILLION

Seaside holidays are more popular than ever and, as such, the country's most iconic piers are being purchased at a dizzying rate. Just last week, Blackpool's two piers brought in £8.1million.

Caught in the act! Australian couple arrested in Florence after they 'had sex on a bench' (prompting politician to plead for better quality tourists)

In just the latest example of tourists behaving badly in the Renaissance capital, the couple were allegedly caught in the act in the Lungarno Torrigiani public gardens on Monday night.

How to save £20,000 on your wedding: Tying the knot abroad can mean big savings, reveals survey

A recent survey from an online travel agency has found that serious savings may be had for those couples heading abroad for their wedding day, with the average cost tallying between £6,000 - £7,000.

Last-minute bookings to Greece plunge by 30% amid debt crisis as tour operators slash prices to get rid of unsold rooms

Tourism bosses are hopeful the debt crisis will be resolved soon and resorts and hotels in Greece will see a bump in last-minute bookings to make up for the loss.

Broadband that REALLY flies! Virgin America's new Wi-Fi will be fast enough to stream Netflix

Virgin America says their new ViaSat service, set to be launched later this year, will allow users to stream videos through YouTube and Hula, and will be a faster system than some houses have.

Don't go in the water! Tourist filming an Italian beach sunrise inadvertently captures footage of a SHARK stalking its prey

An Italian tourist attempting to film a sunrise over the deserted Punta Prosciutto beach in southern Italy inadvertently captured footage of an aggressive shark stalking its prey.

The cat that got too close for comfort: Alarming moment tourist came face-to-face with a cheetah when it jumped in his jeep

Kenya tourist comes face to face with cheetah who leaped into his jeep

This curious cat got up close and personal with a tourist while on safari at the Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya. The wild cat, with its razor sharp claws and teeth, sure is one moggy you'd rather not have curling up on your lap. But, nevertheless, the bold animal hopped into the back seat of a jeep as it drove through the African plains - much to the shock of an Irishman inside. After entering the vehicle, it slowly sauntered over to holidaymaker Mickey McCaldin (main and top right) until it was barely a foot away from his face. The cheeky cheetah was part of a well-known family that Mr McCaldin's group had been tracking for a couple of days.

Passenger's terrifying footage of SPARKS flying off plane engine on flight forced to turn back to Honolulu

Passenger Joseph Villareal recorded shocking video footage of an incident on his United Airlines flight from Honolulu to San Francisco where sparks were visible flying off the plane engine.

Skinny dipping and celebrity haunts are the top fantasies for a dream holiday... and 25 per cent of people think about their holiday daily after booking

According to a new poll, 32 per cent of Britons want to go skinny dipping... while 30 per cent would prefer to find themselves in a resort full of celebrities.

Wading for take off! Siberian weather extremes strike at airport where passengers have to PADDLE to board their plane

These long-suffering passengers were forced to squelch through ankle-deep water to board their plane from Krasnoyarsk's Yemelyanovo Airport, 2,100 miles east of Moscow.

Is THIS the world's best hotel? Inside India's ultra-luxurious Oberoi Udaivilas palace... voted as the ultimate place to stay

Inside India's Oberoi Udaivilas palace which has been voted as world's best hotel

This sumptuous 50-acre Oberoi Udaivilas in Rajasthan beat stiff world-wide competition to be given the accolade in a recent magazine reader poll, for the second year running. Overlooking a fairy tale lake the opulent hotel combines modern conveniences within a historic and romantic setting.

Alcohol-fuelled air rage incidents are up 40% from last year... proving 'floozing' phenomenon is on the rise

Civil Aviation Authority figures show that alcohol-fuelled air rage incidents are on the rise - up 40% from last year. This can be attributed to a new in-flight trend known as 'floozing.'

Revealed: Londoners are the most adventurous tourists while the Welsh prefer a staycation (and Scots are lured by food)

According to a new survey, Londoners have been found to be the most adventurous travellers and the most likely to head abroad, while 90% of Welsh people polled prefer the local scenery.

He's no dumbo! Clever elephant picks up selfie stick dropped by tourist and hands it back to him... capturing a dizzying 'elphie'

Dizzying footage shows the moment the helpful elephant used its trunk to scoop a selfie stick out of the grass and pass it back to South African tourist Adrian Fowler near Victoria Falls.

Eau de tiger! Siberian big cat marks its territory by turning its back on zoo visitors and spraying them with its scent

A family visiting the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska came away with more than just happy memories when a Siberian tiger decided to cover them in its scent.

Angry passengers arrested after upgrading themselves to business class and refusing to move in protest at three-hour flight delay

The unruly passengers believed they were entitled to sit in business class on the flight from Shenzhen to Shanghai as it would be 'fair compensation' following a delay caused by bad weather.

The ultimate summer holiday packing hack: The secret to folding T-shirts to the size of a burrito revealed

It's not uncommon to struggle with fitting all of your shirts into a suitcase for a weekend away, but this useful video demonstrates an amazing way to save time and space.

Thought the Swiss were just good at clocks? Revealing the hidden military BUNKERS cleverly blended into Switzerland's landscapes

Swiss military BUNKERS cleverly blended into Switzerland's landscapes revealed

Photographer Leo Fabrizio, over a period of years, discovered remarkable camoflaged bunkers that blended into Switzerland's fields, mountainsides and woodland. He said: 'The bunkers are an integral part of a finely developed popular defense military system in Switzerland, a military with historically strong links to the landscapes.'

Don't point with your finger, avoid physical contact and NEVER give them room number four: The customs hoteliers should learn to lure more Chinese tourists revealed

Chinese outbound tourism is the largest and potentially most important market in the world, and there are a number of things hoteliers are doing to attract Chinese visitors.

An Inspector Calls: Making a big Deal of Bear's Well - a family home turned pretty small hideaway on the east coast of Kent

What to do when you find yourself in possession of the old family home, but don't want to sell it. In the case of one enterprising couple in Deal, you turn it into a boutique B&B.; The Inspector checks in.

Carnival's luxurious giant cruise ships to set sail for Cuba - but passengers will have to volunteer when they arrive there

Starting in May, Carnival Corp. plans to offer trips to the Caribbean island nation and they say they would become the first American cruise company to visit Cuba since the 1960 trade embargo.

Kyoto voted the world's best city... with Charleston, South Carolina and Siem Reap close behind (but London and New York are nowhere in sight)

Kyoto, Japan was voted the World's Best City, for the second year in a row, in Travel + Leisure's annual awards. This year, nearly 17,000 readers participated in the travel survey.

How to get the best seats without paying more: Experts reveal tricks of the trade from scoring cheap tickets to having a whole row to yourself

MailOnline consulted experts to determine how to help the odds to go in your favour. From flights being cheapest to buy 53 days before departure day to avoiding Fridays as the most expensive day.

Get him to the Greek! As bookings plummet, holiday boss reveals Brits could bag discounts of up to 30 per cent in the troubled country

The owner of a Greek holiday firm says British travellers wanting a last-minute bargain could save up to 30 per cent on their holiday if they book now.

Jump right in! Stunning pictures of the ocean from above which makes you desperate for a holiday

Aerial photographer Tommy Clarke captures STUNNING ocean landscapes

Photographer Tommy Clarke's memorising landscape shots gaze down over sumptuous turquoise landscapes dotted with miniature-looking boats and colourful beach goers. The 28-year-old photographer, who lives in London, uses helicopters and small planes to get the perfect perspective on his subjects and landscapes below.

It's all about Location, Location, Location: Phil Spencer set to name Britain's beach hut of the year

From Brighton and Bournemouth to Minster and Milford, the huts vying for the Beach Hut of the Year award offer spectacular views of the sea and special memories for their owners.

British tourists vote yes! Holidaymakers ignore financial crisis as searches for flights to Greece soar by 16%

With news of savings on package and self-catering holidays, online searches for flights from the UK to Greece have jumped by as much as 16 per cent since banks closed for business a week ago.

Bone-chilling: Inside the incredible 'Skull Church' decorated with the remains of 70,000 plague victims

Inside Czech Republic's 'Skull Church' made up of over 70k skeletons

The spine-tingling Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech Republic is estimated to hold the remains of between 40,000 and 70,000 people, many of whom died in the plague in 1318. Known as the 'Skull Church,' the macabre building contains bodies that have been dismembered, de-fleshed and reassembled into decorative features including a bone chandelier and chalices and even a family crest constructed from human remains.

Don't put your gorilla in the backseat and carry a weapon if you're wearing a bikini while driving: The weirdest traffic laws revealed

Even though the odds of them being enforced may be next to nothing, these are some of the weirdest driving laws that tourists should be aware of if they are planning a road trip this summer.

Two holidaymakers win five-figure payout from Thomas Cook after they were ravaged by BED BUGS at Caribbean resort and suffered severe rashes and blisters

Jessica Mann and then-boyfriend Aaron Rigby were forced to seek medical attention for painful rashes and blisters that broke out all over their bodies while on holiday in the Dominican Republic.

'Scariest landing in my entire life': Panic of passengers on flight forced to return to Denver with a BLOWN TYRE

Southwest Airlines says Flight 2869 heading to Los Angeles was forced to return to Denver International Airport because of possible tyre problems during takeoff.

Drone captures mesmerising footage of humpback whale spraying a RAINBOW from its blow hole

A humpback whale sprayed a rainbow from its blowhole in a mesmerising video captured on a drone off the coast of Newport Beach, California.

We'll drink to that! In-flight 'Air Hook' gadget eliminates the need to put down a tray table to rest a cup on

The future of flying no longer necessitates the use of a pull down tray table at all. Introducing the revolutionary new AIr Hook, an all-in-one cup and electronic device holder.

The provocative images of 7/7 bombings and 9/11 it's hoped will prevent a Tunisia tourism boycott in wake of terror attack

The controversial campaign, sparked from the attack in Sousse last month which saw an Islamist gunman kill 39 people including tourists, has received both praise and criticism.

From Mad March hares to leaping deer: British wildlife captured in spectacular style by winning entries in photography competition

British wildlife photos from Mad March hares to leaping deer in Wildlife Trust

The amazing photos of beasts, bugs and birds have been picked from more than 350 entries in the contest by Norfolk Wildlife Trust, which is celebrating its 90th anniversary. While a laughing seal pup and majestic kingfisher were close competition, the overall winner was chosen to be Paul Richards' photo of a Bearded tit.


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