Comedienne Joan Rivers' cosmetic surgeries leave her looking like The Joker

She has been more than frank about her multiple cosmetic surgeries, but Joan Rivers penchant for going under than knife has left her looking more and more like a caricature.

In fact, some unpleasant observers have said she looks much like The Joker, from the Batman comic series.

The 73-year-old actress and comedienne is in London for the opening of her new play 'A Work in Progress by a Life in Progress' at the Leicester Square Theatre.

joan rivers

Here's Joanie: Plastic surgery addict Joan Rivers' multiple cosmetic procedures have left her looking a lot like Batman's adversary The Joker

But it was her strange appearance which garned most the attention, as her wide mouth and surprised eyes reminded onlookers of the character from the famous films, which was played most recently by tragic star Heath Ledger, who died earlier this year. 

Joan has spoken candidly about her multiple surgeries. She has said: 'You want to look as good as you can. We all want to look at attractive people. It's a business.

'My motto is "better a new face coming out of an old car than an old face coming out of a new car". Spend your money on you.' And she has.

Joan Rivers cosmetically enhanced looks have left her looking like The Joker. Seen here played by the late Heath Ledger  in film 'The Dark Knight'

At the last count she has had an eye tuck, two facelifts, at least one nose job and enough Botox to refreeze the northern ocean.

Now, she says, her plastic surgeon Steve sends her away when she bangs on the door of his office demanding yet more procedures.

'"He will say: 'You don't need anything. Go home."'

But when asked if she will have any more. She admitted: 'Probably, if I need it'.

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