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Eco weddings, in all their various shades of green, are no longer just for those seeking the good life – they’ve become very fashionable among a growing number of discerning lovebirds. But green wedding options go way beyond turning up on a tandem, getting married in a field or honeymooning in a tepee.

So what can you do to make your big day greener – without making the guests feel you’ve come over all muesli and macramé?

A ‘conflict-free’ diamond engagement ring is not a bad place to start: diamond mining has led to wars in many regions, but these come from carefully managed mines where the local population isn’t caught up in fighting over these precious jewels (visit and for more information).

A vintage frock, of course, is stylish and green: I know gorgeous brides who’ve reworked something their mother or grandmother wore – a sentimental gesture, too, which ups the tearfulness rating. Every bride also looks for ‘something new’ – so have you thought about Stella McCartney’s organic lingerie?

Sourcing UK-grown flowers helps to reduce the carbon footprint your satin heels make – Moyses Stevens ( and the Organic Flower Company ( are good starting points. Food and alcohol can also be chosen with an eye to keeping the air miles down: there are some fantastic UK alternatives to champagne including Davenport Vineyards’ Limney Estate 2004 (at

If you really think your guests would draw the line at drinking English wine, why not source local ales and ciders, and leave the travelling to the wine? As for wedding stationery, it’s easier than ever to source recycled card and paper, and you can even get sheep poo cards for the place settings (a definite ice-breaker!).

Of course, if stressing about where everything comes from (or whether the empties are headed for landfill after the reception) is one angst too many, you might consider hiring someone to do all the worrying for you. Ruth Culver ( is the UK’s first green wedding planner and will make your day as green as you like – from ensuring that everything gets recycled to carbon neutralising any air miles your guests notch up.

That way, all you have to worry about is getting to the church on time. (A horse-drawn carriage, of course, being both green and very romantic.)

Wedding wisdom

  • Anna Shepard’s How Green Are My Wellies (Eden Project Books, £14.99), is a really enjoyable and down-to-earth guide to organic living, with a terrific section on how to love and be married an eco-friendly way.

  • You can even choose greener confetti: at discover a dried petal confetti available in poppy-seed-impregnated cones which you can plant out afterwards. Petals can be chosen on a pick-and-mix basis or bought as set colours, from £8.99 for one litre, and £9 for ten ‘grow-cones’.

A bit of ‘I do’

These accessories will help your wedding tread a little more lightly on
the planet…

wedding band
Wedding Place Name Cards

Environmentally friendlier and ethically sourced wedding rings, from £200, Beautiful black bamboo satin garters made to order from £15, at Sheep poo place cards, £10 for 20, from

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