John Cleese gets mobbed by fans... and he doesn't even have to do a silly walk

Actor John Cleese still has plenty of fans, judging by the mob that greeted him as he walked around London today.

The comic genius was mobbed by a brace of fans clutching Monty Python memorabilia, and he didn't even have to do one of his infamous silly walks from the show in order to be recognised.

Unlike some so-called celebrities, the actor is not one to court publicity, so it was unusual to see him surrounded by the crowd of diehard fans.

Enlarge   Actor/Comedian John Cleese

Sign here: Actor John Cleese is mobbed by Monty Python fans in London

It was a  moment of light relief for the popular actor who is currently going through his third divorce, from 63-year-old American psychotherapist Alyce Faye Eichelberger.

The 68-year-old comedian has revealed that he is paying his estranged wife £900,000 in maintenance and in addition faces claims for half his earnings, and half of his nine properties.

Last month, during a talk which was supposed to focus on raising money for conservation work, Cleese launched a tirade, railing against Eichelberger and his mother Muriel.

He said: 'I'm paying her £900,000 a year. And we had no children. It really is astonishing.'

Enlarge   John Cleese

Fans clutching memorabilia surrounded the star, who shot to fame in show   Monty Python, and he didn't even do his famous silly walk

His mother Muriel, who died in 2002, also came under fire during the extraordinary outburst.

He told his audience: 'I did have a dreadful mother. Isn't that a terrible thing to say? But it's true. She was classically self-centred. Always thought entirely of herself.

'And she lived to 101 - I thought I'd never get rid of her.' 

Comparing the split with the break-up from his previous wives, Connie Booth and Barbara Trentham, he added: 'My two other divorces were very peaceful affairs. We went to mediation and it was very civilised. But this is quite different.'

Enlarge   john cleese

Fan worship: The attention from fans provided some light relief for Cleese who is going through a bitter third divorce

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