Hair not apparent: Footballer Wayne Rooney's mop gets a little thin on top

He might be from the city that gave the world the famous moptop hairstyle as pioneered by the Beatles, but that's where the similarity ends.

Wayne Rooney, 22, revealed his thinning locks as he trained with the England squad and it seems that the premiership star's hair is rather less luxuriant than it used to be.

Hair not apparent: Footballing star Wayne Rooney appears to be significantly thinner on top compared to his cropped look in 2006

Enlarge   Coleen Rooney

New wife: Coleen signs copies of her latest book 'Coleen's Real Style'

Compared to a picture of the young soccer star just two years ago, Rooney's brown hair appears to have thinned out a little.

His cropped new hairstyle has removed most of his boyish curls, but appears to have exposed a severely receding hairstyle.

Maybe the stress of organising a £5million wedding earlier this year, to wife Coleen Rooney, has taken its toll.

Meanwhile, wife Coleen seems determined to shed her WAG shopaholic tag as she has written another book on style.

The 22-year-old revealed that her new book - Coleen's Real Style - will be her last ever project under her maiden name Coleen McLoughlin.

And to show her love and commitment to husband Wayne she has vowed to use her new surname in all aspects of her life.

She told the Sunday Mirror: 'I'm changing my name completely. At first I thought about keeping my own name, then I thought about using both names and then I said to Wayne, "What do you want me to do?"

'And he said, "I want you to change it". I thought, "You know what, when I have children I'd like us to have the same name."

'It also means a lot to Wayne. If you ask him what he finds special about being married, he'll say it's the fact that I took his name and we've now got the same surnames.'

Enlarge   coleen rooney

Newlyweds: Wayne and Coleen seen dining out in Manchester last week

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