Mother kicked out of Jobcentre for bottle-feeding her toddler

A mother trying to find a job to support her family was kicked out of a Jobcentre for bottle-feeding her daughter.

Samantha Corbridge, 24, was told she was breaking the 'food and drink policy' of the Jobcentre Plus by giving the little girl a bottle of milk.

She was so stunned that she fed twoyear- old Robyn on the steps outside before going home in embarrassment.

Yesterday, Miss Corbridge, a mother of two, said: 'I couldn't believe it – I just felt so uncomfortable 'I was there to look through their information and make some phone calls about doing an apprenticeship in childcare. 

Samantha Corbridge with daughter Robyn

'Humiliated': Samantha Corbridge was forced to leave the Jobcentre because she gave her daughter Robyn some milk

'But as I was sifting through details and trying to get some research done, Robyn started crying.

'I was rocking her pram to try to calm her down. 'I could tell it was frustrating some of the workers, so I decided to give her a bottle because she was hungry.

'The next thing I knew, a woman was marching over to me saying I was breaching their food and drink policy and that no one is allowed to drink inside the Jobcentre.'

Miss Corbridge, whose sevenyear- old son, Kai, was also with her at the Jobcentre Plus, added: 'It was crazy. I was totally humiliated so I just left as she wanted.'

Lindsey Singleton, an employee at Brighton and Hove City Council, was in the Jobcentre Plus at the time.

'I was absolutely appalled,' she said.

'The member of staff was very rude and humiliated this young woman. I have raised the issue with the council.'

A Jobcentre Plus spokesman said an inquiry into the incident last Wednesday is under way.

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