Nokia launches range of phones offering free music downloads

Nokia will attempt to do battle with Apple's iPhone with the launch of a new range of phones offering free unlimited music downloads.

The unlimited service will see Carphone Warehouse start to sell the first Nokia phone with the top phone maker's new 'Comes with Music' offering next month.

Users who buy a 'Comes With Music' pre-pay phone will be allowed to download up to 2.1m tracks for no extra charge for 12 months.

Nokia music

Nokia are launching phones with free music downloads

Nokia said Carphone would start to take pre-orders today, but did not say when sales would start or give pricing information.


Nokia's new handsets will attempt to do battle with Apple's iPhone

Downloaded music can be put on the Nokia phone, but after a year users will have to buy another device to enable them to continue downloading.

However, if they decide not to buy the device they will still be able to keep their downloaded tracks. Nokia say the first phone will be the 5310.

Simon Ainslie, Nokia's managing director said: 'This is a unique proposition.

'Nobody has launched an unlimited music service that allows you to keep your music with no catches.

'What we are trying to do is bring back some value to the music industry from people who are not paying for music.'

Comes With Music is currently without a mobile phone partner so Nokia, the world's largest mobile phone company, have so far refused to set a price for the handsets. When this has been sorted, the phones are expected to retail for around £100-£300.

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